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Classes nerf boost balance all over

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Yo whoever gm touches the classes go learn again how to fix them.. I saw some1 cried In l2 that u are the only one that listening him bc u are friends ok I don’t mind but u are destroying a lot shot on server . I just saw , u nerfed shining edge and checkmate ,from 63% 78% 93% they became 45% 63% 75% max , I still do the same dog and because all u thing that the chance is to deal damage no it’s not the chance is clearly how much present the skill will succes  it’s not the vantage that you deal. Now I saw that my build fucks up ppl from msg and cry , that’s legit since I am full gear from what you have in the shop for now , bc im getting cancer from skills  make checkmate 100% land rate [ chance]  it’s not for damage this is if the skill will hit the enemy or not and boost shining edge to 80-90%. Since u hear only the Lucy ppl or whatever u fucking ignoring me from this topic I’ll. Cry about all the classes that u touched . Dagger why does only the gh do damage ? And the others do 0? Btw counterpois don’t work the matack just saying. John idfc  u nerfed the checkmate like I do same dog but I only see deviled in the skills from the start of the server I am doing petitions and u ignoring even sin that I told him he didn’t even told u anything I not crying from corrupt and shit just make checkmate 100% not don’t nerf or boost msg just change it don’t be dckhd ffs 

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When you want to express your thoughts in a language that it is not your mother tongue.Put the effort to learn it,then play games,and after all these have happened,then and only then you can complain.

  Are you Bladeofbulgaria?

P.s ai spik England veri better

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