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  • LAUNCHED: OCTUBER 13, 2018



You have to wait 5-10 min with this l2 client window open.  it's about anti bot system update, then click on confirm and open you l2 client again.

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Reworked party farm:

 -Increased lucky drops chances in general (Grave Kepper, Mantalist, Dread Knight-Warlord).

 -Horror, Oblivion now drop x10 party member event medal with 25% chance. Added Vesper Weapon +17 6% chance, Vesper Weapons +18 2% chance.

 -Pus Boomer-Oberon gets Steel Bracelet as drop, chance of Iron Belt 12%, Event medals 12% chance.

Events related:

-Now you can leave party inside event instance.

-Next server restart HWID check function will be added to nexus events (You will be able to go events with only 1 char per PC).

-You can have only 1 support class per party inside events.

Items related:

-Fixed a bug with Dynasty Rapier giving strange boost on atk speed.

-Fixed Vesper Pincer atk speed-patk.

Class related:

-Reduced MP Consume rate in the following classes: Soul Hound, Judicator, Cardinal, Duelist.





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- DVC instance is restored
- Fixed a bug not ending DVC instance once pressed exit
- You can now change class during Kamaloka or DVC instance
- Command channel no longer requires 4000 fame, nobless and the clan skill

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Balance of Olympiads in progress

-Cardinal, Evas Saint, Shillen Saint, Prophet and Dominator:

  1. MP Consume reduced.
  2. Magic skills power boosted and magic pvp damage.
  3. Casting speed boosted.
  4. HP Boosted.
  5. Run Speed boosted.


  1. Increased stats in general: HP, pDef, Accuracy, Evasion, Crit rate, atk speed.
  2. Added penalty using shield and heavy armor.

-All classes considered "Light" in general got penalty using heavy armor.

-All classes "No Archer" got penalty on patk using Bow.

-All classes with Dash skills got speed reduced.

-Summoners fighter ability got boosted: Physical damage, Accuracy and HP.

-Duelist class got patk bonus using duals.

Note: the changes mentioned have effect only inside the Olympiads. Feel free to report any error or inconvenience with your class inside oly through our forum.

Next server restart:

-Fixed some wrong pvp values for pvp might and empower
-Vanguard skill will now provide hero skills
-Server maintenance successful
-Preparing auto updater launcher

This weekend will be added around 5 new Epic Raidboss, do not miss it!

More events and changes coming soon!

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  • Changes on fishing, Low Grade Lures will allow you to fish up to 90 Lv, medium Lures up to 90 with greater xp gain and high grade up to 95 with slightly better xp rate.                    
  • Fame award via PvP will now award fame even inside events.
  • Synergy kills for support classes slightly improved and now they will gain fame though pvps inside events.
  • Judicators are no longer considered support classes on synergy kills.
  • Disabled HP,CP,MP heals inside Hunters.
  • Clan Halls will now ignore adena requirement for payment.
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