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  • LAUNCHED: OCTUBER 13, 2018
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What are we working on?

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To explain in an easier way why we have delayed so much, in the first place our idea this time is to integrate most of the available items in the game, that is, we are going to make all the equipment levels usable either for some specific ability or setup. Updates always provide new and better things as expected to acquire something higher and more expensive, but always maintaining a difference not so high with the previous ones, because in this way we hope to achieve a stable balance between newcomers and experienced players.

With this philosophy we have adapted some items that previously we can say were "unusable" to be used in some way and not lose skills with respect to previous levels.

We have also been working on the Raidboss system, that is, we have reorganized the large number of Raidboss lvl 85 existing in the game to be distributed in levels according to their difficulty (to be found and moved to their location), all Raidboss lvl 85 they were transformed into 85-86-87-88, and they will have different drops depending on their difficulty. All the levels were also organized, and each one will have different abilities and strengths according to their level. Raidboss from lower to level 90 wont have Cancel, those skills were adapted for higher level raids and Epic Bosses.

Another aspect that we have worked a lot are Buffs in general, for the most part, now you can read in the description of each buff what you are gaining in status with the use of it, and were mostly balanced, taking as reference the Prophecy of Wind, Fire, Water, Chant of Victory and Magnus.

All the items, in general, were adjusted, and they give exactly what the description says, that is, if you want to know which is your best option, you just have to read carefully in the description that is what it gives, the description of the Relic Jewelry were changed so you know what you will win exactly with each item!


Currently we are finalizing with the part of the economy and farming, adjusting prices and performing the latest analyzes and tests, we hope not to delay more than a week and announce the official day of the opening! Thanks for the patience!




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Hello guys,

Im glad to announce that drastically changes are already planned and set to happen in near future. I'd like to apologize for the huge delay and possibly bad choices to cover unbalance etc, but my available time for PC activities had been quite limited because i've been in a surgery for a crucial desease on my eyes. Thanks to doctors, my eyes are being cured very fast and im already spending much time trying to recover and add new things for the server to make it more entertaining. Thanks for being patient.

In the upcoming week, we will start checking the current gear's and Buffs balance (Not class) so expect to see changes everyday. If your stats vary from day to day, its not your class being nerfed/boosted but items or buffs yes. Our goal is to reach a very nice balance with the current items and unlock most possible choices for all classes. (Some items at the moment have been locked just for specific classes eg. Cruel Muzzle). Expect all the current additions/removals of PvP Damage to be removed and real stats to be nerfed/boosted.

Expected Changes

- Rework items' stats and adjust so Dread Gear will be added.
- Accessories stats rework making them more flexible for classes.
- Adding new features in Castle Sieges.

- Olympiad changes
- Class balance changes.

Also expect change logs more often since im back working on server.

Thanks for your patience.

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