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  • Aden siege is no longer an S grade require siege.
  • You can now use any gear you like.
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      There a new system patch that include: Win10 fixed (if you still having issue with it, you have to download a Fresh L2 Client from here: https://mega.nz/#!j3wF2RjS!lRb4BFs6tgibYE-g0NlCYr3EnRFhkATdVgbc-QmnTBg) Rework antibot protection Fixed cloaks and other items displaying wrong description ingame on System V4. Remember deleted old system before you paste the new or it wont work. Download last system from here: SYSTEM V5  
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Dont kill items like that..

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First of all hello there this will be my first topic.. Now, i want to talk about how u guys are nerfing items in game... I know dusk was op and ppl who have really good items are almost imortal (Kayae, Strange, dont know other who use it btw .-.).. But when u nerf it like this is almost u are just killing the object, the idea of dusk is being usefull with the +% drain that he have, nothing else is special on it, is like when u nerf the cc of anger, there is 1 duelist on the server.. Degriez use only duelist 1 or 2 moments for duel the rest 0.. The point is, if want to nerf a item fine nerf it cuz ppl cry about it but.. At least make it worth to buy it.. The players just will be like "why do we buy this shit better go for dread..". That is my opinion about this hope u have a nice day. 

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