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  • Aden siege is no longer an S grade require siege.
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      There a new system patch that include: Win10 fixed (if you still having issue with it, you have to download a Fresh L2 Client from here: https://mega.nz/#!j3wF2RjS!lRb4BFs6tgibYE-g0NlCYr3EnRFhkATdVgbc-QmnTBg) Rework antibot protection Fixed cloaks and other items displaying wrong description ingame on System V4. Remember deleted old system before you paste the new or it wont work. Download last system from here: SYSTEM V5  
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Olympiad changes

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Hello, could a gm post a detailed article concerning the changes u've made in olympiad?  The last time that i played in oly with my main char (soulhound)  i was out of mana after literally 4 skills, because u've increased the mana consumption by 400%, its like im always having magical backfire, while being unable to use my self-buff celestial (other classes with cele can use it but not mine? wtf?), the time that ud stays when i use it is reduced from 30 seconds outside to 10 seconds in oly, steal divinity doesn't work and i can't cast lightning shock as well.  Where's the balance? im just a guy doing 4 skills and then auto attack till he dies without a hope.

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I'm "trying" to play with it even being a shit classe (SH MAGE). I've tried to contact John or Epic to fix it almost 10 days or so...

I get recall and got +400 matk / -3s reuse listening by him "i can't do more than it". KAPPA!

The most of community after Pride is accustomed to the sameness (CLASSES) on most servers, everyone know that. Who plays or already tried to play this Pack as SH Mage outside/inside olys know how an shit it is.(even FULL geared) But the point is, why even GMs aren't able to fix it and bring them to the game? Laziness. Why fix a non-popular class? :)


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Indeed, i kinda liked the server but im playing  the game 90% for oly and 10% for everything else, Im pretty disappointed from them.

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