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  1. Post photos of bots in event

    Not even 1 was mine Tho you said many times that you sold char so stfu
  2. Post photos of bots in event

    Because they dont move it doesn't mean they are bots Something might happened and they had to go afk You cant be so sure Also why do you care when you are selling things for money
  3. My experience as a mage

    i guess you suck as a mage if you say all these
  4. Olympiad Fixes,Changes

    400 pts on which olympiad
  5. BlessedFromGoD trash talks

    Kaneis dn endiaferetai
  6. Gracia final alla mporeis na mpeis kai me h5
  7. problem

    They have been changed and they are passive
  8. Iron circlet problem

    Thats how iron was for ever You get pdef and hp End of discussion It doesn't need any boost
  9. Iron circlet problem

    On every server it was giving lower patk dont try to make a boost happen if you dont like it sell it You cant get w/e you want
  10. Iron circlet problem

    If i remember ice fairy give +3 str while iron +2 str so its fine Read descriptions before getting something
  11. Jail for no Reason!

    Should be banned tbh