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  1. Lineage 2 Epic coming back!

    Ascadancy said it all you need to read. The other thunder guy act like he is mighty and all, speaking about the way he kill archers (the worst class in the game for 1v1), and boy you never 2 shot me so don't try to make it look bigger you know what i'm saying? Now enough of you, because you make no sense even when you waste so much time for a big mess of writing. I've seen a player who bought nothing at all, he struggled just to get his dread weapon at the end of the server. Not even +8 nor lvl 7, the guy is furious because he spent all his free time to get this and when he did, the server is wiped. You can't just close a server after that short amount of time. I can only feel pity for those who will invest money in the next version of this server.
  2. Lineage 2 Epic coming back!

    I wouldnt mind spending that much for like 10 months or 1 year of gaming but paying 500 to 1000 euros for 4 months of gaming is ridiculous.
  3. Lineage 2 Epic coming back!

    The current server lasted 4 months I won't count the last months that had no activity at all. That's the problem. There were no effort whatsoever to make it survive, they let it die by purpose to make people donate again faster in the next version.
  4. Lineage 2 Epic coming back!

    Who the fuck are YOU? Here's another irrelevant person with irrelevant post. I'm talking about something serious but yet you guys are actually making fun of yourselves being the dumbest posts I've ever seen on any forum of this poor world. Must be hard for you to think of a better answer to debate on the real subject.
  5. Lineage 2 Epic coming back!

    Yo now stop trying because you sound cocky and ridiculous. This is not my first time playing on a Lineage 2 server far from that. I played L2 Pride at its first version, and Epic is kind of a copy of it. I invested no money in the previous server and was one of the best of my class with only Titanium and could beat all dread user in my class except one person who was too far ahead me in term of equipments. I decided that my time was more precious than my money and I still think it is, I don't play to be a zombie with no life I enjoy spending my time with friends, family and my girlfriend so what I do and what I don't is none of your business. If I want to pay, I pay. I did that because there was a lack of gameplay for a newbie who started when everyone's already well geared and because I wanted the server to survive. (Did you know servers need money to exist?) Oh I farmed don't you worry about it, that's how I see that you are totally irrelevant. And no the exact reason it died was because there was a huge inactivity from John, there was no new items to get, no new farm zone, instances were removed, pvp was going down hill, people were getting free stuff, etc. I don't even know why you are talking about me not being decent and all, you try to make me mad about it when I don't give a damn fuck about what you are thinking of me. You probably are an underaged kid whom I lose time writing this just because you didnt get proper education, or maybe you just have something missing in your brain. I'll repeat myself, this server had a lot of things lacking when I started, I suggested to do some things for newbies so we don't have to get to a point GMs give them free stuff (those were at like more than 120 euros at a time, like 2 months before they start giving freebies. But nobody did a damn thing, there were a lack of work that's all. If I am that mch concerned about this is because I absolutely loved L2 Pride, and I wanted to make Epic last longer than that. This server didnt even last a year!!! So if there are no proper work on it, why would you keep it open? By the way, Thunderwhateveryourname you should mute yourself because since your first message you don't make any point, you talk to boast about yourself like it is the only place you can do that. Use some of your farm time to work on your true self maybe?
  6. My suggestion for the server

    I'm more sorry for the server than you think because i thought it was worth, I'm sad because now I know how it is and that the server is just a temporary thing with a short lifespan of 4 months. I was expecting to enjoy my time longer than this. Well if you havent messaged then maybe it is because you didnt want to play again? Maybe you saw like me that the server wasnt worth playing. And for me that's the saddest part. I really thought they were focusing on building a real community with long term players, but no. And no I won't wait for another deception, but thanks for the advice though.
  7. Lineage 2 Epic coming back!

    I'm just stating the truth i'm not even saying something self-related, I mean when you got a server that has donations items at 150 euros for only the top weapon and 180 for the set, players expect it to last longer not just 3-4 months, let's say it is a total donation of 600-700 euros per player if you want almost everything. In the end, that's the duration you play because GMs totally left the server without any activity except for Kael who did his best and there were no activity at all. You got top items to fight nobody. That's facts i'm not making a bullshit statement like you are. Btw you say that I wasnt relevant but still was able to kill 2 top archers in korean with full hp left so... Find another victim i'm none of that. Oh and don't act as if you knew and shared everyone's opinion on the server because at the end of the server, you were just someone who used to exist, barely.
  8. Lineage 2 Epic coming back!

    John close your server, I'm pissed that I donated so much to play with my items for only 3 months with no activity in the server's last moments. 30% refund is a joke when you know how much you spend to be full gear just to enjoy 3 months of gaming. Just close.
  9. Admins communication

    That's where it is becoming ridiculous. I knew some players got some titanium legacy set +12 when I actually paid 80 euros for a normal titanium set when I started on Epic. Then I had to pay more euros a week later for a dread set. And now what I can see is that some players can just ask for items and get it for FREE! That is quite unacceptable to see those kind of things happen, when you know we used real money to actually HELP the server, and some people are getting rewards for the only reason that they joined L2 Epic. I liked how the server was, that's why I kept suggesting ideas and new things with nym or ascadancy. I liked it so much that I brought some new people who also spent a lot of euros to help the server so it goes on and continue to make a great job. Voting is not even a real thing, you just have to spend what? 30 seconds of your gaming time, then people thinks the server owe them things. BUT THE WORST THING! Is that Gms actually give them what they want, and now you can see them spamming in trade chats "Lf gm fuck i ask everyday and vote and no help" when those people already had things that we had to pay to get them. I know John has some trouble to run the server, I'm not blaming him but come on!
  10. Whats going on here?

    I've just saw Apollo is now only a guest on the forum, and I didnt see much activity except for Kael with daily events. But there's a lack of communication of what's going on.
  11. My suggestion for the server

    Oh my bad I said 4 months and not 4.6 months!!! About telling me that I care only for my personal interest, dude just tell me this: What have you done for this server so far? Every donator contribute highly for the server's maintenance which cost real money.
  12. My suggestion for the server

    You tell me I am wrong, but do you imagine those who spent more than one thousand euros on virtual items that will only last for 3 months? You think if there's a wipe and no compensation to donators, people who already gave their money will repeat? I think not, and people who didnt spend anything for the game won't spend a single euro on it after the wipe or they will pay max. 30 euros. I am playing lineage 2 for more than 13 years now, so yeah i think i'm quite experienced i've played like more than 15 servers and you never see a wipe after 4 months of gaming. Especially with high amounts per person (can reach more than 1k euros/person). Of course there's a problem here, but trust me if the server wipe, most of donators will be gone.
  13. Down

  14. Down

    Why is the server's down?
  15. My suggestion for the server

    What you are asking is not wrong, but on the other hand it is not right. Wiping the server mean that people who farmed their asses off or donated a good amount to the server will be totally fucked because they wasted time farming or paid a lot of real money to get where they are at.