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  1. My suggestion for the server

    It is not a fucking competition, you didn't spent months building your items, you can't just comment here about a wipe and shit. Stop thinking only about yourself. Like I said people are leaving because gms are inactive that's all the server was fine. That became complete bullshit with all the new players coming around and getting free items while the one who stayed and helped the server didn't get shit. People get bored easily when no gms are around. If only you played you would notice that the duo instance APC was disabled for more than a month. That is purely unacceptable for a player point of view.
  2. Admins communication

    Dude for real? I spent months voting and playing this server and I never got anything listed below, even tho I have donated a certain amount of real money to help the server. I have waited 1 month and I am still waiting to get my petition opened and people like you complain about playing 3 days? and receive 0 items from GMs? Fuck you, all of you, the server is dead coz of the GM staff and especially because of John, yes you should take all responsibility for this failure. Seriously duo instance NPC and Raid Boss Lilith went on vacations at the same time as you. This dude GrandKhavlaki joined server 2 weeks ago and got a Dread +8 lvl 7 without donating ridiculous! And I got my items destroyed by someone and GMs can't recover all my items even tho I have screenshots. Enough, no more playing this bullshit server. BYE! Only Apollo was genuine, others are just money makers edited stats, certifications etc.
  3. Untradeable items

    Why is that every items here are untradeable? GMs can't even make these tradeable lol I mean what if we want to sell/trade our items. I don't get it, what if a friend want to give their items they don't use anymore? Cloaks = untradeable Lvl 7 = untradeable Dread+8 and more = untradeable Uniques +14 and more = untradeable I know there is still marriage trade but wait 90 days for a trade is insane. You made elemental stones tradeable, make every items tradeable lol that sucks seriously I see many people trying to sell their untradeable items but they just can't, they believe GMs will help them trade but one clearly told me they can't.
  4. My suggestion for the server

    IMO only 10% or less people from the server want to do a wipe Seriously most of us farmed for months and you think we want to farm again? This is a PvP server no? Wipe = Farm not PvP I don't think it will bring more people because the problem is: there is 0 communication about the server It is normal to start noob, we all started there but what just because 10% or less people want a wipe you want to penalize hundreds of people who climbed their way to the top? So wipe = No ty! People are leaving because GMs are inactives that's all period.
  5. Fix duo instance

    Also you have a Facebook page with nearly 5 000 fans, you prolly want to do something here too
  6. Fix duo instance

    Hello everyone, As far as I am concerned, there is less and less GM activity on the server (except GM Kael who's making his best to make custom events everyday) Note I am not blaming anyone from the Staff member, I am just pointing facts. Excuse me if I am wrong, this is my point of view only. Also can anyone tell me if all the GMs are coming from the same timezone? I mean they are all off when I am on, this is very difficult to get them from my timezone. I think that now that L2Vehiron is closing this is the moment to wake up and take actions to gain these people back. What I mean by that is of course on the first hand, fixing the instance (duo, kamaloka, dvc) Boost duo instance drop, Boost Kamaloka EXP (it is completely useless right now), Shorten the time for DVC (no one wants to be stuck here for 3h) On the second hand, you might want more people to vote for the server, add vote reward to some items, maybe open tier 3 tattoo/cloak/bracelet(don't make these available by any other way than by farming) Finally make custom events other than Russian/Korean, I mean come on it not that hard, make a race event, quizz event idk lol
  7. Tier 1 Cloak

    They are completely useless ATM, and no one need them since you can get these with Vote Rewards. So either make them sellable using 963 or open cloak tier 3 with cloak tier 1 as crafting material.
  8. Server has 0 pvp

    I think we should get PvP Tokens and Amulets in Events. Also with 10 and less people joining Events, we can't make more PvPs from the same person.
  9. Fix up nuckleus farm

    Yes, I mean the other monsters are already pain to kill. I believe some people don't necessary want to lose another 30sec to kill that monster too.
  10. Fix up nuckleus farm

    Hahaha I know, I mean I am avoiding the ones dropping nucleus and farming the others (Roaming, Slither, Wright)
  11. Fix up nuckleus farm

    Cheetah (cheater) as for me I'm trying to avoid them because they are annoying me when I'm farming the other monsters hahaha Can't solo farm tho I mean roaming are pretty tough
  12. Platinium Bracelet

    Hi everyone, So, I bought a Platinium Bracelet for 130 glits and it turned out that the item was "nerfed" while the price stayed the same. Didn't pay attention when I bought it tho and I find that it's not that worth anymore isn't it? Just curious
  13. Dread Armors vs Titanium Armors

    Okay, thank you more clear now x) But my friend Judicator still have crazy attack speed around 1320. -20 to that amount of attack speed is insignificant compared to -20 attack speed on archers (under 1000) I mean we rely on attack speed more than any other classes skills are useless. Mages can spam skills, same for Daggers and prolly most others classes but archers? They can't spam skills because it's low damage and casting duration of the skills is bullshit.
  14. Dread Armors vs Titanium Armors

    Hi again, So done some testing and gathered infos on some players, a guy using a dread light set playing a kamael class doesn't have any change in his attack speed and general DEX. I have lost -17 attack speed ONLY, while DEX adds or remove accuracy and evasion too. It is not only -1 DEX, +1 DEX adds 8 attack speed while I lost 17 attack speed. My point is Sagittarius got nerfed that's all lol. I will ask some more people in game later