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  1. +14 tit bonus

    The bonus on Dread is +11.
  2. Human vs elf tank pets

    At the end of the day the 1 lvl difference doesn't change a thing especially when it's that early lvls
  3. tit armor nerfed vs vesper set

    The titanium bonus set from enchant got nerfed not the armor it self , also vesper armor has just high p def
  4. Advice

    Im creating a new guide for new comers , i would recommend you to start a Adventurer if you are a solo player , or a tank , bishop for party farms. if you can hold for few more days because i try my best to make it as much as detailed i can wish you the best luck , and welcome to our server
  5. lews

    Without em being tradable we already have 1 +11 weapon so let them like this we good
  6. Corrupt

    R0bben and ashley farmed at least 2 days in spawn lich and they ware ksing Lucys etc , for that im 100% sure because i was talking with him the entire duration and we ware linking each other greens even before the instance . and my bots have 1.5k green crystals atm so minimum those got them too, as for the mov if the burn his fame out 100 fame each mov hes at 5543 pvp with 2 pvp increasers so if hes down to 0 fames that can be done as far for lews they ware tradable early
  7. High ping

    Im stable at 100~ ms , so im pretty sure is your fault , providers fault and not the serves
  8. Fury Fists

    This skill is automatically toggled you don't need to enable it yourself
  9. New Player

    There is a guide topic in this forum , like my self i post one day i hope more will follow
  10. Tyrant Soul's setup

    1. Grand Khavatari Overview Grand Khavatari is straightforward damage dealer, focused on Autoattacks and special abilities The build showcased here is a simple yet effective play style, good for all types of game content, which is meant to help new players learn the fundamentals of Grand Khavatari 2. The Totem Choices for Grand khavatari 1 Bear Spirit Totem Lv 1 possessed by a bear's soul , user's P.atk +50% , critical attack power are increased by 20% reduce enemy physical skill evasion 5%. Physical skill reuse delay -10% Reduces speed and evasion by 10 2 Wolf Spirit Totem Lv 1 Possessed by a Wolf's soul, user's movement speed is increased by 15%, accuracy increased by 5, critical rate +50 and Atk speed 15%. 3 Ogre Spirit Totem Lv 1 Becomes possessed by an Ogre's Soul. Increases one's own p.atk/p.def/m.def by 40% and Critical Damage by 10%. Accuracy-10 run speed and evasion -25% heals upon use around 1.5k Hp 'depends on your max hp' 4 Puma Spirit Totem Lv 1 User becomes possessed by a Puma's soul. Increases user's accuracy by 7, Critical rate +30. atk spd by 25, Phyisical skills reuse delay -15% critical damage+15%. Reduces run speed by 5 5 Bison Spirit Totem Lv 1 User is possessed by a Bison's for 1 minute increasing accuracy by 10 and critical rate by 150. p atk. 150% and the Probability of critical attack by 100 when hp is bellow 60%. If hp is bellow 30% 6 Rabbit Spirit Totem Lv 1 Becomes possessed by a Rabbit's soul. Increases one's own atk. spd. by 20%, moving speed by 35%, and evasion by 12 Patk-50% 7 Hawk Spirit Totem LV1 Becomes possessed by a Hawk's soul. Increases one's own accuracy by 10 critical attack rate by 100 atk speed +10% critical damage by 30%, physical and magic skill evasion +5% 3. Most common use of totem for Wolverine claws The Must is Hawk for main totem , spam on reuse Ogre to sustain and mitigate some damage, Rabbit to run away or get faster to your target and Wolf if your target is a archer since you going to need the speed boost to maintain a good distance gap to keep hitting him, 4 Certifications Master Ability - Attack = P. Attack +300 Master Ability - Focus = Critical Rate +15 Rogue Ability - Critical Chance = Critical Rate +15 Summoner Ability - Spirit = Attack Speed +10, P. Attack +150, Casting Speed +15, M. Attack +250 Warrior Ability - Haste = Attack speed +20 Enchanter Ability - Barrier = Decrease incoming damage by 50 Knight Ability - Resist Critical = Critical damage received -3% Knight Ability - Boost HP = HP +500 Warrior Ability - Boost CP = CP +1000 Summoner Ability - Boost HP/MP = HP and MP +400 4 Gear and Best in slot for Pvp PVP set Titanium armor or legacy Light, Queen's Grasp, Baium Anger, Zaken's Dementia, Valaka's Fiery, Antharas' Tremor, Wolf hat, Black half mask, Wolverine claws, Mithril belt, Mithril Bracelet, Tattoo of Bravery tier 2 "depends if u can cap Crit rate" Extra Accessory Crushing Circlet, Eye protector, Foreguard, Magic glasses, Raid master Circlet, Academy Circlet 5 Symbols STR +4 Con-4, Dex +4 Con -4, STR +1 C on -1 6 Talismans Alacrity, Critical power, Speed, Critical reduction, Violent Haste, Power, 7 Enchant on Skills, Cripple +17 Chance Hurricane +17Power,Boost Attack speed +17 Power, Toughness +17 Power, Fist Weapon mastery +17 Power,Light armor mastery +17 Armor, Soul Breaker +17 Chance EZ MODE Playstyle You going to play A bleeding setup your Goal is to Cripple "Does bleed on target and slow speed" and then Burn him On Reuse spam always Ogre totem to regain some health back , and go back to Hawk instantly When you playing Against Archers use wolf totem if they run or stick with hawk since it gives a great amount of accuracy , When you play against heavy class like tanks etc , Play Crushing CC and ogre bleed and bleeding always When you play against light users with high evasion , or reflect setup play with Eye protector and spirit Hawk When you play against Daggers you can use Foreguard to reduce the damage receive and Magic glasses when they use Hide. Farming Recommendations are get as fast as possible a Dynasty warmonger with a set +20 dynasty, Raid master Circlet, Wolf hat and Zaken relic in to wolverines As for the farming spot to farm solo or party is up to you , what ever makes you happy because at the end of the day it's all about what makes you smile

    There is nothing to fix the right augment For decreases magic mp consumption is a red -purplish is one , this one is just a bad description
  12. boost tyrant or wolverines

    No. tyrants are playable with wolverines just needs certain kind of setup to be good at it and ofc is just a hunter village killer and not a mass pvp one
  13. Post photos of bots in event

    http://prntscr.com/lxfbow http://prntscr.com/lxfge0 http://prntscr.com/lxfgho
  14. boost tyrant or wolverines

    Wolverine setup isn't bad it just need certain kind of gear to be playable sadly evasion setup on tyrant doesn't exist since most of the gear changed to give accuracy and not eva etc i still believe tyrant is playable especially with dread fist he is just a late char that needs most of the gear in the game to be good that's the only reason im not actually playing tyrant . i just hope it wont get nerfed late game as always
  15. Hyper fangs accuracy

    oh poor little lordkaoz go back to your cave you have nothing to offer in this convo