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  1. SweetyAgency.

    Banning for nothing ain't the solution
  2. Synergy,Prophet boost.

    Tanks are support class well in a way, just their build can decide what they are i mean if they use a damage dealer setup they are killable , maybe not that easy to kill but wait untill Dread Warmace that ignores the shield p def :] anyhow tanks that play full hp and stay in "pillars" of domination just to score they are supportive and they deserve a synergy kill they carry us after all mate.
  3. kamaloka bug

  4. servido off ?

    Give them some time to solve the problems and they will come back as soon as possible i don't thing anyone of them wants the server to remain down .
  5. kamaloka bug

    @BOB no he doesn't have to tell you such self-evident things LoL , calm down john keeps an eye to his forum don't worry about it IS self evident thing that hes going to report it to john , you are not the first to report it mate they've said the same thing to many people but you kept spamming about it and you make him spin out of control so please keep calm and wait for the change
  6. kamaloka bug

    @apollo Your reactions in this comment wasn't cool , not even a bit you lost your temper and mock a user thing about it for a bit and you may see where you wrong .
  7. kamaloka bug

    You are not the only one that he has to answer to , we are all people and we can have bad days. sometimes i can understand how frustrating being kicked out of kama can be. Because it happened to me before but please consider not being offensive to them imagine that they do actually have to deal with 300 people at least daily with some of them having bigger problems to deal with yet i don't accept his ways of being sarcastic and mocking people because of his rank anyhow is not my job to judge him i'm pretty sure john knows hes staff very well Good luck and try to find a group that you can do daily your kamaloka at least in your main character.
  8. kamaloka bug

    Apollo , kamaloka is a way of "farming" for some guys and most of it the Xp as you know Certi is most important thing so far in the game , also you talk about not going with randoms in kamaloka , since you guys closed it and we cant join with same ip we have to find randoms for it. also im not sure why you can invite someone inside the kama , and also dismiss someone if u are outside the kama"gludin" etc remove those 2 tools when you are inside a instance , etc One last thing , Apollo you seem a little bit mad at your commend your job is to keep things calm not ignite them . Best regards, Val
  9. Change log (up-to-date?)

    he was being sarcastic Apollo ..... anyhow start doing a change log for everything and anything you guys change small or big , you guys don't have to announce the reasons behind the changes just put the information out there.
  10. Fero to ikogkenia mekero esena A

    Ta feri ikogkenia ap Kalamata kai makerosi karntia esena A?!!!!!
  11. Press wrong button

    open a petition my little Greek'br guy. and provide them with details so they can restore your account
  12. SweetyAgency.

    Sweetagency is his main nowdays. so whats up ? im pretty sure he didnt jail u for no reason. give the full story plx.
  13. Press wrong button

    for starters go back to school ,and after you finish it come back and rewrite it so we can understand it .
  14. Olympiad Fixes,Changes

    no isn't Op at all mate jajajaja
  15. Post Your Stats!!!

    why would i add a full print screen , im fine like this sharing setups aint my thing