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  1. Massive update

    They can pvp its pvp server not farm I mean I don't say it have to be 3 days top items but everything its same like pride was just after 1 month they put all top items on donatation shop and they get it enchant it and its done pride u was forced to go to instaces and event so u can get essesnces and coins to make top gear here you can just speak with gm pay 100$ or more don't know how much and take everything u want doesent metter if is in shop or not
  2. Massive update

    Like every Pride like server they make it make top items 2k glits and farming ussless so u have to donate or make bots wich have to farm 24/7 ss and be and event medalcuz mobs don't drop have 0.5% to drop smting and only way to catch up Is to donate like crazy they make some money and ppls start to leave they will open it again after some month and will be same
  3. Can't Log In

    its ok now ty a lot
  4. Can't Log In

    Also my char name is MATAFAKA if any gm need it
  5. Can't Log In

    Same Problem here I have offline shop and when I try to log in my game closes and when I make new account is ok