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  1. Botting

    I think I made it pretty sure that the problem isn’t Adrenaline since they’re unable to block it, what seems unfair is the fact that they stopped checking for bots once they disabled clicker and this is the third time & last time I’m writing such thing, hope you’re able to understand and we won’t need a 4th.
  2. check db acu

    No it's not op, most of the absolute evasion from mages comes from Titanium Armor and it'll disappear once they get dread, they'll get more skill dodge and that's how it's always been on pride packs otherwise they're a piece of paper, they're already weak enough in this server since it took so long to open Dread and everyone got high enchanted jewels so before coming here make sure you know what you're talking about. That's not what I said and you're wrong, Eye Protector doesnt pierce absolute evasion so it's useless.
  3. Botting

    If I was interested on botting I would simply buy it, that’s not about me being mad that’s about having 80% server being unable to afford the premium bot while some of you are purchasing Adrenaline and taking advantage of it. GMs barely look for bots anymore and we all know that, why are we even discussing this? I made it clear the problem isn’t Adrenaline the problem is how GMs have been acting since they disabled the clicker and it’s bad. a/w just enable the clicker again im pretty sure everyone is bored of having to click a lot more to get items and most of them don’t understand or can afford a premium bot.
  4. check db acu

    There is something called absolute evasion and it has nothing to do with accuracy
  5. Botting

    Since you can't block it then u should look for botters but that's not what they're doing and we all know that since they disabled target/assist they just don't search for people who bot. You either remove target/assist and jail bots or keep it if looking for bots is such a hard work
  6. Botting

    I think it's pretty clear how the server works, if you're able to purchase Adrenaline and you know how to use it then you don't have to worry since the GMs are not gonna search for botters (they believe they don't have to jail anyone anymore since they removed clicker) but still most people, who were using clicker, are now unable to bot and they see how some people are just taking advantage of Adrenaline+GMs not giving a fuck about bot. This truly is a game killer for most people, if you can't block Adrenaline then what is the whole point of blocking targeting/assist (clicker) and STOP searching for BOTS? I don't see anyone getting jailed for botting, it's like you all just stopped caring and that's how a server slowly dies. Enable clicker again or block Adrenaline, if you're willing to block only ONE botting program then u should still worry about the rest of the people using Adrenaline. This is just a mess.
  7. check trickster

    @JingAssim como você tem conhecimento da sua classe porque você joga com ela, tem gente que quer reclamar da classe que joga. Assim como tem gente que não sabe porra nenhuma do que ta falando, tem gente que sabe, deal with it. Todo mundo pode reclamar do que quiser lol, assim como você shouta lf john o dia todo pra reclamar todo mundo tem o direito de fazer o mesmo. É pois é, 6k Leopold em healer [maior mdef] com o casting rápido e o reuse baixo não é o suficiente, você deve sim de fato ser ouvido. (:
  8. check trickster

    @Jing You're literally the one person who shouts for John to ''fix'' your class every single day, 6k Leopold on 5k mdef ain't enough. pls get real
  9. Heavy class

    Tanks are more than fine, except for Phoenix Knight that is way too good. It's the one tank u SHOULD have on PVP considering it has a one minute party UD (Sanctuary) with a really low reuse. Evas Templar is way too shit compared to the other 3, there is nothing that makes Evas Templar useful or unique it's just meh. About the synergy, events are the only chance they get to farm pvp knowing that they don't have much damage and can't farm pvp as the other classes @ Hunter, same goes for Doomcryer (mage style). Daggers are indeed ridiculous because even though they can't farm a lot of pvps on events because they lack of AOE skills and most maps are for ranged classes, the top pvp list is full of daggers when it should be pretty much just ranged classes/gladi (considering most of pvps come from Hunter + Events, especially events). Daggers are easily dealing over 7k damage to any light/robe class and yea they're assassin but with titanium gear as dagger u can easily reach 3500 pdef (which is way too much) so basically Daggers can outrank mages, gladi and archers on pvp just by pvping hunter bursting people with their insane damage and pdef+dodge+speed. Mages on Titanium gear are not the best once relics are the best source of mdef and it's part of our gear already but still they're able to farm a lot of pvps on events because as I said maps are mostly for ranged classes especially Domination. As a healer I must say Archers damage is just fine the only thing that bothers me is how they simply interrupt everything even Greater Battle Heal (all of them and not just Ghost Sentinel) and I can't do anything about it. As for Dwarves, the double root is just pathetic, their speed is legit since they must have something to close the gap but the 6 seconds double root is just the dumbest thing ever created in this pack it really doesn't make any sense, their damage is really fine with both Flesh Ripper (a support item that is based on removing parts) or Titanium weapons that give them insane damage. My opinion btw.
  10. Currency

    New mats sounds good aswell but keeping the Gold nerfed still keeps a lot of people behind, considering people who were botting got like A LOT more, the nerf on Gold will affect new players for sure especially cause you're unable to even use clicker. They'll have to farm a lot more than we farmed since Gold is a huge part of the currency.
  11. Currency

    So as we all know, for over 38 days the drops were higher than it is now [Horror, Oblivion & Glabrezu used to have 100% 10x4 Golds] that means the farm overall was a lot faster than it is right now [50%]. Therefore the price of stuff remains the same and people who used to tryhard farm after all this time got tons of glit on WH. Nerfing the drops is always a bad thing because some people will take advantage of it and it's always going to be bad for newbies. My opinion on what you should do: Boost the Gold back to 100% and boost the amount it drops not only Horror/Oblivion but overall. Lowkey boost the Medal drops. Boost the price of everything on shop [especially future items such as Dread and whatever you're planning to add so that way we'll have to farm more instead of just using of the glit we have on wh to buy future items] This way you'll be able to reset currency by making what was already farmed to be worth less and give some worth to the CURRENT farm. When you nerf the drops you just make all the past farm worth a lot more than it does now and that makes it harder for newbies instead of making it fair. Wrote this thinking of the server overall especially new players.
  12. L2 Epic Scum(?)

    I think you're too damn worried about how much money Epic, John & Sar are getting, u should worry more about the game and focus on it. This is the classic capitalism, if u dislike all that profit that people make (I believe you're jealous u wish u were getting that money) then u shouldn't play at all, no reason to get ur ass over here and say bullshit, love urself.
  13. Olympiad Fixes,Changes

    Leonius is the char u used to feed ur main char Huexyn?
  14. Congratulations

    Sweetie, I was her healer and no she didn't die we were actually thirsty for the spree I know better than you and I know damn well that she didn't die. You must be really a dumbass fuck if you believe GMs would risk their server to give Lucy 80 kill sprees and a castle, get serious dude, we kept killing you for fun for over an hour you guys couldn't even do a regroup to fight us. As I made it clear, she didn't even bother to change to tank and yea she got Medusa several times while praying just as she canceled it so we kept farming pvps nonstop. Next time we'll kill the crystals before we decide to pray so u don't have an excuse, okay? Stop trying to blame everything on corruption, grow the fuck up. You, MrFlogas and all the leadesr&subleader from smaller clans are actually the ones killing servers by making your clan mates believe that you lost the castle because of corruption and not because you suck. Good riddance, see you around.
  15. Congratulations

    We got inside the castle and kept killing you for 1 hour and 30 minutes, we could've prayed at least 50 times. Mukuro and I were both close to spree and we died 50 minutes before it finished. 40 minutes after she got spree. I don't get your point on why you come on Forums and spread fake news you know yourself u guys kept coming nonstop, our dds had 85 kills spree. Please just look at the facts of course she would get spree when the dds have over 80 kills. About being dominator she actually got medusa and several debuffs while casting pray but she pressed esc on purpose so we could keep pvping the entire thing, you're a big fool if you believe u could win. Good riddance, sweetie. :*