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  1. Green Crystals

    First of all happy new year to all, i want to complain about the low ammount of mobs that drop the new material green crystals, slither and lichs. I was from the guys that wanted dread to be hard but this situation cant continue, you have to put the new instance and put more slithers and lichs or put thr green crystals on other mobs too and for the smartasses i dont want dread easy but i dont wanna fight with people here for 1 slither or 1 lich. I hope gms will understand this.
  2. Tyrant Soul's setup

    Very nice guide!
  3. Protecting!

    Εγώ πάντως είδα το video μέχρι τότε που τον έκανε madness ο domi του και νόμιζε ότι ήταν από εσάς χαχαχαχαχα κλαιω
  4. Oly issues

    Since they nerf and boost other classes inside oly, they should check these things i mentioned, so waiting a change or if i am wrong, tell me please , ty in advance.
  5. Oly issues

    So i see you care about oly balance by removing the known to most of us bug, i would like to ask you how do you see 1 minute sanctuary ( ud ) skill that paladin uses + the 2 other uds ultimate defence and shield of faith + passive final fortress , dont u think that all this is too much while my ud on sws nerfed to 5 seconds and other skills like zealot that were 1 minute too got nerfed to 9 seconds, why that exception to paladin? About hell knight now , are you gonna make something about hamstring , it has no protection , low reuse, big duration and 0 cast time and about his pet u can increase its p def but nerf its evasion its too much for oly lol, its like 171 if i remember good. Last about force barrier from tyrant why is 3 sec while glady got it 9 , make them both 9 or 3, cause u already boosted them even they didnt need it.

    Hahahaha lols
  7. check trickster

    we want to understand too, come on!!!!! <3
  8. kamaloka bug

    Stfu fucking bastard bob or guardian or how the fucking name is, you a retard, stop spam our balls fucking victim , uninstall l2 and dont join again please.
  9. Report Scammers with Blessed scrolls!!!!

    you are both braindead retards, go fuck urselves pls
  10. OLY BOTS

    After a lot of patience that i made its the time to complain about bot chars playing oly and ruin it with feed, i know its impossible to stop the feed at 100% point but u can understand when a char is bot or not. I hope u will take soon action on this issue or i will find mine bots to start the feed and soz for this threat but i am pissed off this. Also you can put ur gms to check the continuesly dc-feed from specific char and jail and remove their points, act like a real gm please and care about this situation or i will make the same and other people propable will do in the future, i hope u dont like this like i remember from the previous servers where u were banning my bots for oly.
  11. Olympiad Fixes,Changes

    Ok i will upload a picture of sanctuary duration animal
  12. Olympiad Fixes,Changes

    Phoenix knight with 1 minute UD sanctuary + 2 other uds and passive ud aint Op yea, ofc u wont farm a lot of points vs ranged classes and vs daggers that will kite you
  13. LF CP

  14. Primes Vs Lucy @ceme

    Nice fight, nice intro, nice music!