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  • Aden siege is no longer an S grade require siege.
  • You can now use any gear you like.


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  1. sws nerf

    thanks for the -4000 hp(i am with 4500hp now haha funny vzlas) and m def (a lot too, i dont remember the number, just was getting 1.100 mc from random mage), nvm i wasnt playing in the server anymore, because people who got no clue about oly cried u destroyed my class, bb for ever this time !!! I can fuck the whole oly with real OP class , i am just mad because cocksucker blowed you and you fucked the class, there are classes that have PASSIVE SKILLS which give 1000 p attack and p def and you cried for sws cunts, cya on the next server , i will be ur father again, chao bella