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  1. btw i see many many times,, lucy members botting on mobs,, and [gm]police dnt jail them,, he protect lucy all time ..
  2. hello i was farming all night,,, spirithealer broke my bolls with "TRAINING MOBS" then i make pettition for gm help,,, any [GM]Police open my pettition and dint answer me,, was like he help spirithealer.. [gm]police is to help lucy members here?
  3. so ask to boost ur class not to close olympaid lol
  4. because u sucks u wanna close it ? rofl
  5. and make hero's only with donation as u want
  6. dude what is this with hero's in server we have 50 hero ++...better close olympiad
  7. OLY

    they will do smth dude,,, i play olympiad day per day to be a hero...,, we 300 ppl on and 100 are heros here.. wtf??
  8. OLY

    THIS... BTW heroe's is not for newbie players...
  9. OLY

    about siege event's when u host each 1 hour siege events and people take free hero,, it doesnt worth to join oly .... with that witch u are doing the olympiad losse's it's point... we should get hero only by olympiad... do smth about that.. thanks
  10. i got scam
  11. some1 bastard logen my char ,, changed password for 3 min and i lost 60 glits on my char,,, can any gm help me there? idk how happen this ....u can check from database if i lie or not
  12. server down;; omg my char>>> omg open serveeee