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  • Aden siege is no longer an S grade require siege.
  • You can now use any gear you like.


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  1. APC infos

    nice points, recansia and walker on ROD, and dopppel-dwarf only on events...
  2. Currencies and MATS

    Hey Thanks for care about it, we will check some solutions about solve it... also can you guys make own suggestions ...
  3. APC infos

  4. Guide for pvp rewards

    There you go... check Informations section https://lineage2epic.com/forum/index.php?/forum/32-informations/
  5. PVP Info

  6. Changelog

    - Now Nexus Events dont allow you to remove parties (so when u go any nexus event u will stay on the default party created) - Reworked Drops on All lvl 85 Raib Boss
  7. Buged certi

    We are checking it, gm will contact u ingame...
  8. Trickster bugg

    We will check it... apologize...
  9. Buged certi

    ohh ok, i got it... 1 gm will contact u ingame... apologize for inconvenience...
  10. Guide for pvp rewards

    You're right, i will make a post about it soon...
  11. Buged certi

    it will give same bonus stat per lvl, example if lvl 1 give u +20 p def, lvl 2 give u +20 p def, lvl 3 give u +20 P def...
  12. Forum rewards

    Good idea sir...
  13. Lf info about fishing

    You have to buy items in the merchant npc miscellaneous buy the weapon and fishing lure of you choice, once you wear the weapon for fish, you will have skill for fish, nothing else... Rewards for fish is gaining EXP...
  14. Changelog

    - Added Fishing System Items requeriments avaliable on Merchant NPC - Miscellaneous
  15. Master skill certification max lvl?

    Hi @Ganryokou It's lvl 1.