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  1. - In Cementery: # Reduced drops of the below Materials: Blue eva Silver Green Crystal # Increased drops chance and increased the drop number for party members, if the size party is 6,7 or 8 then each members will get x1 of the below Materials: Event-Medal BEWS BEAS Dread Shard - In Cementery Increased drop chance of Legacy Titanium parts and others. - Dread Shard Added as drop for some mobs in Cementery. - Boosted drops From Kamaloka Instance. - Fixed Issues with Town Zones. - Reworked Event Engine. - Maintainance tasks for server's security/safety. - still working on windows 10 issue not allowing players to run l2.exe
  3. Thanks for u suggestions, we will see...
  4. We will take a look... Regards!
  5. Just wait a bit more guys, it will be fix as soon as possible... we are apologize about win10 issues... lol, we can mount a test server on u cpu...
  6. if you cant wait, just install win7 dude....
  7. That's how it work, cant wear same talisman type.
  8. - Added drops to Raid Boss Lilith
  9. Cuz it's chaotic zone, training mob is allowed...
  10. we are working on it...
  11. same way bro...
  12. That's fault party owner mate who did invite u to party for korean event if you already on a Mass doom event. STAFF cant kick u from automatic events. Regards! Topic Locked.
  13. there guide how to remove update:
  14. Bot

    all time i see people being jailed.
  15. * ADDED NEW SUBCLASS CERTIFICATION SKILLS below skills stay has static buff on the passive skills. CLASS SPECIFIC SKILL CERTIFICATION - For Subclass lvl 92: Arcana Lord - Elemental Master - Spectral Master Summoner Ability - Spirit = Attack Speed +10, P. Attack +150, Casting Speed +15, M. Attack +250