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  1. Botting

    I agree with allowing any programme, but just fyi, yesterday some ppl i know got jailed for botting. They are still looking, just not 24/7
  2. Botting

    you guys seem to know a lot about adre
  3. ΣΠΑΜ Section

    Ανάποδα τα είπες Σιν : )
  4. Dread

    Why do you think a new player or someone who doesn't have time to play have the same items with someone that farms from day 1, 24/7 ?
  5. SP BUG

  6. Tyrant Soul's setup

    Cool and comprehensive guide. Hope to see more of these from the community
  7. Can't log in

    Just remove strix already -.- it's causing more problems than it solves
  8. Kamaloka kill + kick allowed? OK

    It's your problem that you trusted the wrong ppl. The GM team are not your parents to take you by the hand. Solve your problems by yourself
  9. Currency

    The easiest solution IMO when new items like dreads are added is this : Add a completely new currency/mats and a new farm zone specifically for that currency New items will be purchased only using the new currency/mats Old players and new will be able to start farming and buy the new gear at the same time. Old currency( glits/ss/be) will always be useful cause you can buy consumables with it (scrolls,elementals etc) so old players wont complain that the time they spent farming was wasted
  10. L2 Epic Scum(?)

    I'm also consuming too much mp these days
  11. Primes Vs Lucy @ceme

    We will never forget
  12. Congratulations

    do you actually think the staff would risk exposing themselves just to give lucy sprees?
  13. Rune Siege 15/4