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  1. kamaloka bug

    Feeling offended for some reason? feels bad, we can do dvc together tommorow aden too
  2. kamaloka bug

    change what ? You assumed it's not a bug. If it get changed then i demand the punishment to IAmNoob + the real one behind over9k + R0bben + and my rewards. I had chances to get body rec or something op so you will have to get your hand into pocket. And since we are in flame boards you suck.
  3. kamaloka bug

    He's trying to defend a clan or a person, it's obvious that some guys are above gm team and they cant control them. Feels bad having an admin that can't fix bugs, can't do what he wants in his own server, and lying for protecting 'friends'. If this is not a bug and no rewards + no penalty, tomorrow you will have more reports, and you will have to make more guys believe that its not a bug, also you will have to make them accept that they lost their DVC/ADEN time. Also instead of fixing that bug add an announcement to not trust randoms for instances. rofl. If you believe what you already said then you never played l2pride neither Lineage II at all.
  4. Kamaloka kill + kick allowed? OK

    If GM team does nothing for abuses like this just because they are afraid to harm a clan, then all I see here that the big clans are in control and not the gm team. Doing the same mistakes all over again john, you just suck clan leaders ballz. 0 power 0 knowledge 0 skills You are not the admin here. You just got PIMPED in your own server!