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    Dude u said about balance when john is dissapeared for two weeks,they prolly dont give a fuck about any of the classes and maybe they dont give a fuck about us,just the online number make me stay here,cheers! p.s. i cant write on english at all
  2. Healer balance

    To mp consume under flag den analhse kaneis 😀

    I sent u a pm

    Hey i forgot my main account password cause i change it last night i got everything u need to recover it (secret password,id,photos of my char geared up) i need ur help as soon as possible ty
  5. My experience as a mage

    Have u ever try to play spellsinger?
  6. My experience as a mage

    Hello so i struggled as anyone to get the best possible items that exist on server including legacy armor enchanted weapons relics and everything just to play my sps class,when i start i thought that i could find a setup just to enjoy my experience as mage but i barely can catch the 2.8 k pdef with a 3.8 m def on emchanted relics i try all the accsesories that exist just to find the suitable one(btw still metal eye patch % magic crit rate dont work on me) and i can barely solo farm with my mage, so i made an alt char just to spent my time since i got nothing more to get. the conclusion is that a ghost sentinel with nothing just the starting items got 2.6 k pdef on dyn armor with a bow +20 and hits sleletons for example for 2.600 crit with a high crit rate when my sps struggles to get a crit and thats arround 3 k on skeletons(i mention only skeletons u can just check it on another mobs) so i dont know if u guys think thats fair for a full geared mage with a legacy +11 got 200 p def more than a gs with dynasty without belts bracelets talismans etc.I forget to mention that ga and all the archers is way better for a f1 farm because u just press attack macro and run,way different from the mage playstyle so u must check some things about light classes at all i dont care for nerfs boost but on a glady friend as mage i do less dmg than a guy with +14 15 halisha who just stay in one sode let the char do the f1 things and go to make a coffe when i struggle to pianmo my keys nvm that was my opinnion only amd thanks for ur time,but mages even on high tier builds still cant do the expecting dmg.
  7. Kamaloka kill + kick allowed? OK

    The skillbar though..
  8. BlessedFromGoD trash talks

    Blessed is l2 epic’s version of cozman?