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  1. check db acu

    so you are saying that archers dont need eye protector at all but a db need it to kill a mage?
  2. Certis

    So what happens if i have deleted some subs that i had already took books?
  3. High gear+Farming

    epic weapons are coming, dread legacy also so dont worry
  4. Green Crystals

    Its enough lich already. They should keep 2 and open dread drop. I would delete all slithers since everybody is botting on them. Wanna make some math for gms because i dont think they clearly understand how it works. Lich drops 50 GC / 5 (since 5 medal event 5 people is farming them) 10 GC per char. Lets say you farm 150 per day.50% chance so the perfect farm is 750 GC after 8-9 hours or so? Solo instance is good but is came late 210 GC is good but sadly is they only farm of GC. What about Essence of Kamaloka ? My suggestion is to put add GC drop at ER. Remove Liches.Add GC on solo mobs 1 per mob its ok. better than having liches all arround eg.
  5. SweetyAgency.

    As i told on the previous, I was spamming the Bot Report Button on him. Dont you think that afk 3rd party using users should get ban?
  6. SweetyAgency.

    Well this evening SweetyAgency was botting on cot farming nucleus and fame. GM Sar came and check him for botting.I was impressed of the way he used to check a bot it was like giving him 5 chances to come back and respond anyways he get jailed. One of the reason that I get mad was that everybody else was getting banned when a alt char - bot - was botting.But what happends when a main char is botting? Jailed for less than 8 hours. That's a punishment that according to Sar is enough to get a lesson. BTW he jailed for 600 mins more that the guy that was botting becuase i was reporting him as a bot while he was doing a event. Great Staff.Awesome Support.Glipste kiallo.
  7. Trickster Enchanting skill

    Well arent those few for a class in general? Maybe lvl up class skills a bit ?