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  1. Raidbosses Solution

    The situation now is like this:The more people a clan has the more chances they have to get a rb,not because they have more people or better gear,but because they can camp it more efficiently. Another know tactic is the one in which clans wait for events to start and only then they start fighting the raidboss. There is a simple solution to this,which is reinforced by the style of the server ,which is supposed to be <<PVP>>. Make the big RBs (lvl 93+)so they make a shout when they spawn,or the server makes an announcement eg: announcement: Anakim Nemesis Zakaron has spawned to this world. Imagine how much more activity will we have,how much more pvp action there will be. END THE ZERG.MAKE EPIC GREAT AGAIN
  2. Subclass problem

    I have the same problem for 2 weeks now.Hagoromo told me that he will John about it but nothing yet
  3. WTB changelog

    WTB changelog WTB patch notes WTB updates
  4. Human vs elf tank pets

    Yeah,that is a certainty,but then why it exists?!

    Maybe ,if your main is db,then you can use a remastery and change to another race,then try making one,but I'm bot 💯% sure

    Kamael race cannot make a Tyrant sub. Also if you are an Orc in main class you cannot use a body reconstruction and become Kamael
  7. Human vs elf tank pets

    Why is dark panther summoned at 85 lvl but gang of eva requires lvl 86 to be summoned?
  8. High gear+Farming

    In every pack we have the same thing. Not that is matters anymore,but why the high end gear is farmable throughout normal farm in a <<Costum PVP server>>? Why not instead of the <<normal>> farm ,you don't introduce a new currency that is only farmable when you pvp?Exactly like green,red,blue amulets that they have not been used yet.Something new , introduced to the server at the same time as the new high end gear and the advanced players don't have it in big Numbers. Nowadays there is no pvp(apart from events) no mass pvp,no siege pvp,no RB pvp. People are only farming either active or botting FFS
  9. Mats+flesh ripper

    WTB 500k ss for glits WTB 500k be for glits Wtt flesh ripper low + for kukri or offer Let offers below
  10. Raidbosses and new materials

    Hello,I have a proposition:Implement the new materials on RBs as drops,the bigger the RB,the higher the chance for more materials. This will add a lil action to the server,because everyone is just farming now,no pvps,no wars,even the Aden siege yesterday had low activity. Also looking for John about the Donation+PayPal problem
  11. PayPal+Donation

    Hello,I'm looking for John,Epic or someone who handles the donations.As the description says I had a problem with PayPal and the donation process.Please forward this to him and tell him to check his messages in forums.
  12. Upcoming event

    A staff member said something about the event taking place at morning.Since many people will go to sleep soon,it would be a good idea to post it soon
  13. Upcoming event

    Make an announcement-sticky post about the upcoming event.So there won't be any misunderstandings
  14. server is off?

    Servidore up,go farmindo kkkkk
  15. Classes nerf boost balance all over

    When you want to express your thoughts in a language that it is not your mother tongue.Put the effort to learn it,then play games,and after all these have happened,then and only then you can complain. Are you Bladeofbulgaria? P.s ai spik England veri better