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  1. check trickster

    Tricksters to be honest need some boost. They got -1k dmg from other archers 5-10% more shoot delay and the attack speed is about the same as archers. I wont even mention the hp of each archer class which is huge compared to trickster's. In my opinion tricksters need some p atk- atk speed boost + some hp boost.
  2. Currency

    also please boost blue eva's drop amount
  3. Olympiad Shop

    Olympiad has no shop, add one its necessary.
  4. Nerfing without log and reason.

    Sure i want that but after the nerf my class is unplayable, how's that balancing the game? Anyway what about a free reroll?
  5. Nerfing without log and reason.

    Any gm pls answer. I need a fully rerol to another class since i cant play mine.
  6. Nerfing without log and reason.

    Yup my shield def rate nerfed too. I'd like a reroll since i bought all these stuff just for nothing after this nerf!!!!!
  7. Olympiad Changes

    Let's talk about the adjustments are being made in oly. Primarily, Eva's Saint needs to get nerfed not boosted, its one of the over powered classes inside olympiad, I agree cardinals need a bit of help in order to reach the power of other classes-mages. Thereafter, why do classes with dash are getting their speed nerfed? My lv 1 dash inside oly has a cooldown of 1 minute and a remaining time of 8 seconds, also gives a minimum ammount of speed. Can't reach tricksters, archers, Spell Singers, Songers etc... Also other than Archers all classes are getting their dmg nerfed while bow is equiped, which is really bad thing to hear. Barely dealling with classes that have a lot of speed while using bow, imagine what will happen now that my speed gets nerfed and bow dmg is getting low.