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  1. Dread

    ridiculously easy u mean right? also dread is not for ur cryfaces in my pov dread set should cost more ..i hope the new material is hard and costy.
  2. New Player

    hi. its not been done before but surely some of us could post guides, if u ask for specific questions that is... or pm me in game Bernael and ask anything
  3. Tier 3 tattoo stats

    hi, after checking both t2 and t3 tatoos : 3.35 with t3 3.53 with t2.
  4. Tier 3 tattoo stats

    tier 2 tatoo doesnt give 0.4 , it gives % . just in ur class its 0.4. tier 3 doesnt give 0.18, it gives 18%
  5. Christmas event!

    cool event. will the christmas gift boxes disappear at a certain date or they will be permanent until used?
  6. Tier 3 tattoo stats

    i think tier 2 tatoos description should be added with exact stats u are mistaken
  7. Post Your Stats!!!

    no extra

    or just remove the fucking s grade system (:
  9. Olympiad Fixes,Changes

    or just remove the s grade system and let us fight class based with our full gear
  10. @SAR @JOHN

    as i see it, on mid gear almost all classes got weaker. don't cry about it. p.s. there are server rules. p.s.2. this is flame boards so go suck a dick
  11. Jail for no Reason!

    dual boxing is not allowed in farmzones, they should delete your gear.
  12. Heavy Platinum

    rahk, generally you seem to be a good player