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  1. +14 tit bonus

    yeah vesper and tit armors aint op enough... How in eath can dread ever be better when tit gets an extra bonus on +14. I cant tell why this guy has to change everything since he just fucks up with every change.
  2. tit armor nerfed vs vesper set

    Over 300-400 p.def and an non nerfed bonus on +17.
  3. tit armor nerfed vs vesper set

    Yeah what a shock right?
  4. tit armor nerfed vs vesper set

    Actually tit and legacy set should be nerfed a bit more in order for dread to be a bit better. About vesper it should get nerfed by a lot and make the newbie +16 set lvl 4. Cause all the damage is coming from attributes not p.def. So geared people cant abuse high enchanted vespers etc. 20 days are more enough for a newbie to get a tit set that costs around 10 glit or maybe less.
  5. ΣΠΑΜ Section

    Καταρχήν ειναι χρονικό , καταρχάς σημαίνει σύμφωνα με την αρχη( νόμο ).
  6. Dread

    And who said you can even buy a dread weapon with 500 glit.lol
  7. Oly issues

    Well balance is shit in general , you expect oly to be any different ?
  8. Tier 3 tattoo stats

    You don’t say.
  9. check trickster

    The actual problem is that for some reason one of the hardest and best classes since it’s kit is too overloaded ( traps/stuns / slows / paralyze ) decoy / warp etc get a random dmg boost and now everyone is rerolling to trickster since it does what archer does and even better.
  10. Tier 3 tattoo stats

    Same goes for some cloaks. Archer/rogue/healer/tank/enchanter are fine and warrior/wizard/Avenger are shit. The only option from green lantern is avengers which gives you just 3 accuracy if you can’t make use of the root/stun power stats which most classes don’t.
  11. Tier 3 tattoo stats

    cAtk is additive not multiplicative . So if it’s says 30% you get 0.3 . 18% means +0.18. So it’s the same no matters if you are a mage or dagger.
  12. Tier 3 tattoo stats

    Well even tier 1 tattoos give more stats. Check tattoo of fire for example. 0.25 Crit damage while tier 3 gives 0.18. Same goes for power. Tier 1 gives 600 flat tier 2 800 and then tier 3 gives 35% which is around 550-600 at least on my class.
  13. Long story short I like the idea that tiers and items give lower stars so you don’t stack stats on full gear but come on , tier 3 tattoos are way too bad. I mean I like the idea of two tattoos of each combination but it should be like stability ( same patk as tier 2 and half the accuracy of absolute ) and stability2 ( same accuracy as absolute tier 2 and half the patk of power): Cause right now why would you change your tier 2 critical dmg tattoo that gives 0,4 Crit dmg for a assasin tattoo that gives 0.18 Crit dmg and some attack speed ?
  14. Well attack speed on dagger aint bad but since everyone has such insane evas amounts (bds) everyone will that use autoattacks will go for stability anyways.
  15. Clandestine: Item Description

    yea tell jhon like trickster aint op already. Cant tell why you add dmg on a class with so many escape mechanics and utility. That's the class point to start with. less dmg than an archer and way more escape mechanics+traps.