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  1. Post Your Stats!!!

    still waiting for the full print.
  2. Post Your Stats!!!

    yes i saw, you are fully buffed.. dual box, make subs (almost one AIO) buff your self, great fury, frenzy, everything and print it.. if not, post me the complete print please, since you got nothing to hide
  3. Post Your Stats!!!

    Behind the photo you can see the "You can feel the effect of frenzy"
  4. Congratulations

    You're a fucking lier, also you are the one putting words in my mouth, i've said that only Mukuro spree was strange and im still waiting SAR and you came here talking like i've said that the whole clan was helped by staff, actually, 99% of lucy players don't even known about what happens, only an small group knows about. Also, you grow the fuck up before i post prints of you saying to NODOKA make pvps for oly, and you promised to him that you can feed him for Fortune seeker hero and then i just saw you provoking PRIMES talking about feed, you're a trash Kayae, i would say that you don't even have balls to admit your shits but you actually haven't, literally. The funny thing is that a day after we had Rune siege and Sar doesn't appeared to make videos and the siege was fine.. so Kayae, you're trying to say that 5 leaders are lying and mukuro is right? we all saw what happens.. you once again came saying your dds had 80+ kills, jesus, i've shown you prints, where are yours? you are saying that it was 30 vs 60, dude we had 62 players are party group channel and i know that you had 65 cuz i've got friends in lucy, you literally lies about everything. What is killing this server is the lack of correction, bugged things, oly sucks, everyone hated elven ruins as farm zone, tottaly bugged, lack of information, GMs changing classes without change logs, that's killing the server, not the "smalls clans" as you said. fucking retard. Im still waiting SAR, you didn't appeared to record Rune siege, where is the aden movie? You said it was for forum, the same forum that you even don't give a fuck to atleast appear and give us an position about what happened.
  5. Congratulations

    As always you came shitting with your mouth. When you use Heroic Harmony, you just became hero, it didn't shout about killing spree.
  6. Congratulations

    Where is the Movie you've been recording Sar? We still waiting... You already saw the whole topic and why stay quiet?
  7. Congratulations

    Yes i do but first read carrefully what i've said, you saying it in plural, i never said that staff gaved spree for everyone but yes for mukuro only, there is no way to a person get killed 10 min before siege ends and 2 mins after makes spree with a support class saying that it was synergy kills. Also tested by myself and it's impossible to cast or finish a cast while you got petrified. (medusa or pvp skill) so how she did it? I've already counter the whole Kayae's text and presented facts and prints, also this shit goes even more deeper if people get to know that [GM]Sar is Thander, old lucy member or maybe he still in but with another nickname this time.
  8. Congratulations

    1- The first hour of siege lucy couldn't even reach the main gates, all the time you guys was trying to reach but was returning out of the siege field. 2- Idk about you but i've killed Mukuro by myself when siege has 10 minutes left, we did one push wave and i've killed her and i also saw healer ressing her. 3- Your dds have over 80 kills? You call me fake news and what are you doing? I killed about 4 players from Lucy with spree, here is one print. Idk about you but for me, 26 is really far way to be 80. (I don't have prints of the other ones that i killed, but all was arround those numbers). Now the cool part begins. When siege had 10 min left to end and just to remember you, i've killed Mukuro.. Sar appeared into the throne room and after 2 minutes Mukuro earned a spree, obiviously for miracle. Idk if Sar forgot to activate his //invis but everyone saw him and he came with that trash joke. Mukuro dominator was full buffed for def and resist, also wearing low lidia, so she can't kill an elpy like that right? But somehow, after i kill her, she earned a spree right? How? Do you gonna force me to believe that she had over 30 kills by Synergy? First because you lied, your dds doesn't had over 80 kills, second the synergy kills are horrible rates, you might forgot that i play support too and sometimes the dds kills 10 for 1 synergy. So mukuro did a miracle, she earned over 30 Synergy kills in less than 2 minutes. Im not saying that Sar gaved Mukuro a spree but it's strange no? 8 mins left to siege ends and mukuro (which was previously dead by me) earned a spree, awesome. But there is another miracle, after the frustating fails trying to cast, even using miracle from spree, somehow she casted with Medusa.. (did you pressed something wrong Sar? Joking <3) Now i've got 2 questions. 1- How mukuro had spree and how she can cast with medusa? because any other player can't.. shes special? 2- Where is the Frag movie SAR? Wasn't to much coincidence of you appearing in the middle of the siege, mukuro earns a spree and somehow casted with medusa? Extra: Why does SAR Chat banned me for 3000 minutes when i asked how mukuro had spree and casted with medusa on trade chat? There is people botting, speaking shit in many other languages and SAR don't move a finger but somehow he really get offended when i asked these, where is the profissionalism and respect to the players? When i used to donate over 200 euros i don't remember of your being so harsh like that.
  9. Congratulations

    10 mins before aden siege ends, i've killed mukuro. 2 mins after that she took spree, with dominator class full buff with resists and shit or you gonna came here and say that she took 30 Synergy kills in 2 min? She used the Miracle to cast and failed again Then she started to cast and everyone was casting debuffs, somehow she had MEDUSA and took the castle mins before it ends, with medusa. I've asked in trade chat how she did it and the answer was: "You are chat banned for 3000 mins" Congratulations L2 Epic Staff... Modify things without change logs, threat players with zero respect and now for sure, more corrupted than before. Im out.
  10. Nerfing without log and reason.

    Be aware, S1N english master probably gonna came yelling about that too. You are exploiting the combination < with 3, substacking the <3 in forums.
  11. Nerfing without log and reason.

    Dude hahahaha, wtf english level, instead of yelling at forum, please make an english college ok? A guy like you calling me "retard" seems more like a joke than an offensive mood hahaha.
  12. Nerfing without log and reason.

    Dude for real are you dumb? My friend character is duelist and i can use Hammer Crush with Smashers, wtf you talking about? Your english is so fucking broken, it's hard to understand, you don't use "," in your phrases, you are just randomly slaping your keyboard. Also why are you changing the subject everytime? first of all i complained not about the nerf at all, but about those changes without log, if we don't check our advanced stats everyday we won't even knew about those nerfs lol, the minimun that the staff should do, is to make a fucking change log just to inform us about the changes. Also you might be blind, check my first post (it's not edited) i didnt even mentioned dwarf classes, you mentioned that just because you saw me as dwarf appearance hahaha, also i didn't talk about doomcryer only, but about tank as well, i've got a Phoenix knight lv92 with skills+15 (which i donated for), i just made that tank for Instances, so the tanker is full items for Block rate and def (royal guard, leather cap, iron, dusk shield and iron stone, also full relics) and from 85% it's 60% now, so tankers don't have damage and now don't even have defensive stats.
  13. Nerfing without log and reason.

    You are the one fooling yourself with that shit pic which proves nothing, tottaly hand made.. Darion's wall doesn't even count as a shield there "NONE" lol dude, gtfo already. im still waiting for the video of you doing/casting triple sonic slash with grand ravager (BLUNT) equipped. Any idiot can access those kind of files by searching max cheaters tutorials, if you really wanna act expert, open your Navicat on core items and you gonna see that Smashers are dual type, if it was not, you shouldn't be able to use TSS, simple like that. You are yelling because of doomcryer and Fortune seeker using shields which is completly fucking normal but you call it exploit ROFL But duelist using dual type blunt which allows to use TSS and also stuns in the same weapon AND Allow SHIELD DEF AND BLOCK WITHOUT EVEN HOLDING A SHIELD IT'S TOTTALY FUCKING NORMAL FOR YOU LOL. Doomcryer and FS with shield = exploit, let's nerf. Duelist using dual blunt type, can use stuns, can use all dual skills and also have shield def rate and power = NORMAL DUDE, THAT MAKES ANY FUCKING SENSE.
  14. Nerfing without log and reason.

    You wrote so much shit in a few lines that i do not have the energy and patience to correct or even teach you about pride things. I will loose my 2 cents just to "plot twist" you, if smashers aren't dual, please equip grand ravager and tell me if you can use Triple sonic slash, the answer will be no but with smashers you do right? it's DUAL, case closed. Ahhn, btw you might never played dwarf in pride but just to inform you, they have shield mastery on their passives since ever. Hope you've learned something. or stay dumb.