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You have to wait 5-10 min with this l2 client window open.  it's about anti bot system update, then click on confirm and open you l2 client again.


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  1. Nerfing without log and reason.

    Be aware, S1N english master probably gonna came yelling about that too. You are exploiting the combination < with 3, substacking the <3 in forums.
  2. Nerfing without log and reason.

    Dude hahahaha, wtf english level, instead of yelling at forum, please make an english college ok? A guy like you calling me "retard" seems more like a joke than an offensive mood hahaha.
  3. Nerfing without log and reason.

    Dude for real are you dumb? My friend character is duelist and i can use Hammer Crush with Smashers, wtf you talking about? Your english is so fucking broken, it's hard to understand, you don't use "," in your phrases, you are just randomly slaping your keyboard. Also why are you changing the subject everytime? first of all i complained not about the nerf at all, but about those changes without log, if we don't check our advanced stats everyday we won't even knew about those nerfs lol, the minimun that the staff should do, is to make a fucking change log just to inform us about the changes. Also you might be blind, check my first post (it's not edited) i didnt even mentioned dwarf classes, you mentioned that just because you saw me as dwarf appearance hahaha, also i didn't talk about doomcryer only, but about tank as well, i've got a Phoenix knight lv92 with skills+15 (which i donated for), i just made that tank for Instances, so the tanker is full items for Block rate and def (royal guard, leather cap, iron, dusk shield and iron stone, also full relics) and from 85% it's 60% now, so tankers don't have damage and now don't even have defensive stats.
  4. Nerfing without log and reason.

    You are the one fooling yourself with that shit pic which proves nothing, tottaly hand made.. Darion's wall doesn't even count as a shield there "NONE" lol dude, gtfo already. im still waiting for the video of you doing/casting triple sonic slash with grand ravager (BLUNT) equipped. Any idiot can access those kind of files by searching max cheaters tutorials, if you really wanna act expert, open your Navicat on core items and you gonna see that Smashers are dual type, if it was not, you shouldn't be able to use TSS, simple like that. You are yelling because of doomcryer and Fortune seeker using shields which is completly fucking normal but you call it exploit ROFL But duelist using dual type blunt which allows to use TSS and also stuns in the same weapon AND Allow SHIELD DEF AND BLOCK WITHOUT EVEN HOLDING A SHIELD IT'S TOTTALY FUCKING NORMAL FOR YOU LOL. Doomcryer and FS with shield = exploit, let's nerf. Duelist using dual blunt type, can use stuns, can use all dual skills and also have shield def rate and power = NORMAL DUDE, THAT MAKES ANY FUCKING SENSE.
  5. Nerfing without log and reason.

    You wrote so much shit in a few lines that i do not have the energy and patience to correct or even teach you about pride things. I will loose my 2 cents just to "plot twist" you, if smashers aren't dual, please equip grand ravager and tell me if you can use Triple sonic slash, the answer will be no but with smashers you do right? it's DUAL, case closed. Ahhn, btw you might never played dwarf in pride but just to inform you, they have shield mastery on their passives since ever. Hope you've learned something. or stay dumb.
  6. Nerfing without log and reason.

    You might really love ppl who talk shit specially cuz you are one of them. Im full relic, Royal guard+18 main with parts+20, dusk shield, TT Hammer+12, leather cap and iron cc which means, full setup/build based on shield def and block. There's not any other equips that gives those kind of bonuses and that new "balance" cut me off more than 50% block rate. Now tell me, which cloak or which TT set gives shield bonuses? Which accessories without counting leather cap and iron circlet gives block and shield def? I'm FULL items for block rate and power. Also your argumentation is really fail "non tank class, bla bla classes can't use this or that" dude tell me, here we got duelist using dual BLUNTS, we have prophets with fist and many others, lol dude, for real, get your ass back to your cave.
  7. Do you want everyone to play the same shit? Mages, daggers, archers? I've been studying the items descriptions and farmed my ass out till afford all my gear.. I had 85% shield block rate on my tanker and it's 60% My doomcryer had 85% shield def rate and it's 29% now, do you gonna refound me? cuz i've brought accessories that no one uses from shop, im playing Leather Cap and Iron circlet. My whole build is arround accessories and items that maximizes my shield def rate and block power and you simply nerfed it at a point that makes it almost unplayable.. from 85% to 29% on DC is 56% difference dude, using all accessories for block and buffs lol. And tank from 85% to 60%, wtf? We got many idiots classes that trully needs a re-work but you are focusing on what? for real, that sucks a lot. What i am supposed to do now? sell all my stuff and loose glits and change to dagger? archer? mage? ridiculous dude.. there is no variety of classes in the server and you are making it even worst.
  8. Fishing System

    @SoulRemover ohhh understood, hahah ok ty.
  9. Fishing System

    oh só it's just for level up? @SoulRemover I trought that we could improve store size and some stuff haha.
  10. Fishing System

    It's not working? Brought the pole and baits, even when succeeding im not earning nothing.. wasted 10 medals plus materials lol.
  11. Inform server about changes