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  1. Massive update

    Ρε κάνει διακοπές ο Γιάννης καθίστε καλα
  2. what's your next step with the server?

    Nice one again @John @Epic good decisions that ruined the server , at least you are good at something ,enjoy your server now
  3. Geodata

    So there are some places at rune castle (where a lot of action and PvP happening)that you can't heal or hit other player cause of "cannot see target" when the player is front of you !! Fix that geodata problem because it ruins the PvP
  4. +14 tit

    im trynna find the "bonus" that some gm told me that exists ...sorry but only a slightly increase to my pdef i see not my cast speed,speed etc... @John @Apollo
  5. Kinda agree with this you took all the money and now you dont care more ppl will start leave cause only farm going around ,i have to see mass pvp since long time ....
  6. +14 tit bonus

    @Sin@Apollo @John so why you lying ..there is no bonus on tit besides pdef...
  7. Raidbosses Solution

    +1 agree with this
  8. +14 tit bonus

    Hope he put some cause when i tested there where no bonus @Sindread has other stats on discription so you pick the way you want to play and your own setup 😄
  9. +14 tit bonus

    What about put some bonus on titanium set +14 cause its pretty expensive to make it 14 and many ppl will play with tit +14( specially support classes) @John
  10. Newbies

    You can add some basic items on vote stores for limited time (30 days) like accessories and vesper or tit armor so the new ones can farm faster and easier
  11. Healer balance

    Egw xalasa 400 glits gia na trww auta ta dmg kai na exw toso hp ,to gladi me vasika items gamaei ta panta ti thes na peis
  12. Healer balance

    To poios exei dikaio den kserelw gt paizoume se ena custom unbalanced server apla suzithsh na exoume
  13. Healer balance

    Paizw se ola ta items max hp aug +5 con opote logiko,esu eisai -9 con me pattack aug ,twra ta 5k pou les einai ligo geniko alla giauto agorazw foreguard no crit dld poso eprepe na kaneis se 3300 kai full resist?
  14. Healer balance

    Apeiro dmg ,hp,sustain me liga sxetika items ..ta game stats exoun anevei genika me ta items(cloack,belt,legacy armor +800 hp)+ ta aug
  15. Healer balance

    Nomizw gladi paizeis etsi?