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  1. Dude u have to realise that most of the ppl that ur server have , are greeks , but u always choose to make events in times that most of us are sleeping like 03:00 am , most of the time.. wtf with this? in epic v1 or epic v2 u was supporting and trying to help ur community .. but in the end in epic v3 u fucked up . 0 fuck given for all , exept ur friends i got many things to tell u about that , but this is another story . So what u gonna do? Find a gm that is not sleeping like the other garbeges u got there and make more events We had a good start but now as u see , ur community is started to abandon you , so gather ur shit up . and try to be usefull . do more events , open more peitions , solve more problems PS. Mate , the only reason that ppl are still playin here is cuz of the numbers of online , not for ur actions ... when this dream comes to end. u will have to make epic v4 . how many ppl u think gonna support ur 4th try ? Me personaly after all this shits and your ignorant attidude ? Not .. im telling u im staying and playing only to pvp a bit till u close it .. then bb . Change the way u are thinking bro .
  2. check db acu

    @Kayae cmon dude stop doing the lawyer u aint that shit.. take ur knowledge and drop it str8 to the garbage like ur misarable no gender life we alrdy know that u are supporting that shit cuz u are mage and u will cry if he fix this shits thank god i've never asked for a boost or nerf without a reason (: and im sure they will check it and nerf it
  3. now that u nerfed tit set and forgot about vesper explain me why should i buy a tit legacy set for that many glits and not a vesper set +18? lol nicely done 100+ glits armor < 10 glits armor nice!
  4. check db acu

    then nerf that shit ! why we even talking about ! lol it is obviously too op!!
  5. check db acu

    Hey i think there is a problem with doom bringer ... for some reason i got 177 accu and i still do like 3-4 misses in a row on mage classes T_T and this happened to like 3-4 mages i dont know what is going wrong but please check it . (weapon : dread nagan , with gift of queen buff and true bers on + pow)
  6. Raid Boss

    I think all raid boss need rework on drops.. u have to add tit gear and shits to 85 lvl raids so new players will gear up faster and all raids 91 lvl+ need rework too like legacy tit , relics with 1%( not all 91 should have that drop but some maybe yes) , green crystals , bews ,beas etc and 95 need boost too also adding Lilith + brakki will be good
  7. Corrupt

  8. Corrupt

    i can post every revos stats if u want to
  9. Corrupt

  10. Corrupt

    Dude cmon , you see we accept the thing that u gear up revos ... we accept that u gave them lvl atri , aguments , tit legacy , dread weapons for supports .. its fine but FFS WHY THE FUCK U GEAR UP THE FUCKING DDS? u think ur server gonna last longer? revos are not farming at all and they got a lot of dreads for example if u check Robben o revo i dont remember the name He wear dread wep . and if u check fucking event statistics u will see he played 30 events only with 20 wins when the weapon asks for 40 mov are u serius now? if u keep like this i give one month to ur server thats a friendly warning tyy
  11. boost tyrant or wolverines

    not at all mate ... evane had +15 wolverines lvl7 and his dmg was absolutely shit
  12. boost tyrant or wolverines

    ye i totaly agree with you but why the class needs dread gear to be playable ?? it should be playable also with wolverines... instead of gladi playstyle setup
  13. boost tyrant auto attacks or wolverines... u can see clearly that noone plays wolverines or auto attack , eva setup on tyrant ... you alrdy know the answer.. If we wanna play skill + hp setup we can go on gladi lol
  14. 1st of all i want to talk about Tattoos . My opinion is that tier3 tattoos need rework on stats and combinations I mean .. Tattoo of stabillity + Supporter + Nuker are fine But what with other tattoos ?? wtf why a dagger should buy atk speed + crit dmg tattoo( Assasin ) ,or a class that needs critical to autoattack should buy Crit rate + cd ( Concetration )?? that shit is fucked up! I belive that u should check those tattoos and rework them to Crit dmg + reuse (assasin) , Crit rate + Haste (concetration) *Bonus Please be active and answer petitions . Im trying to come in contact with ur staff by using petitions to discuss about a serius problem for about a week and still i get 0 answers . I wont talk about my problem here , but please come in contact . ty
  15. Clan confirmation