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  1. boost tyrant or wolverines

    Nerf dorf.
  2. This is not event like you said!!

    If u read the changelog about this event u will see that apc will drop only 1 of the 100% items.
  3. check trickster

    Who care what jing said.... Kayae its right he talk about our cry but he allways cry on shout fix me class :)) Still no changes on this trickster...... i dont want to see this class destroyed but 4k dmg its not ok + alot of evazion + warp + paralise...that real target debuff its 100 times much better then stun defence+17 . As u can see tvt dm siege tricksters are in top
  4. check trickster

    Need some boost ? nice joke rly.... did you check dmg from it now ?
  5. check trickster

    yeah agree.... they are f1 class now ^^
  6. check trickster

    U shout check trickster a bit the dmg its to op almost 4 k more then a normal archer... the problem i think its that real target debuff
  7. Heavy class

    One what trash server did u saw heavy players hitting that much dmg? 2/3k dmg from a tank its normal ? making 50 kills at event from synergy more then a healer? and u hit them 500 dmg. dorfs running faster then a archer ? already pass more then 2 months and still seeing same shiets, daggers hit 8k dmg with that retard s grade dagger and heavy class hit more dmg then a mage. do smth i dont think its that hard if u care about.