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  1. Newbie-friendly

    Nice explain sir, what's your charname ingame?
  2. i cant log in

    No necesitas registrarte, son auto registro, logueas la primeras vez con el nick y password que decidas y ya que registrada.
  3. i cant log in

    try again, i think taht it's fixed.
  4. Changelog

    Clan War By Killing a War: 50% chance to get x2 PVP. 100% get 2 fame points. 50% chance to win any PVP token. 100% chance to win 1-2 clan reputation. Raid Boss Lvl 91 Auto flag the área in a radius of 2000 80% HP 50% HP 20% HP
  5. Farm suggestions

    Nice one sir, Jhon will take a look about it. Thanks.
  6. Clandestine: Item Description

    Jhon will take a look, and modify description or rework weapon. Thanks for you time to report it,
  7. Upcoming event

    it will be around 14-15 hours left.
  8. kamaloka bug

    Thanks for you suggestion, i will think about it. Nothing lasts forever Cheers!
  9. Upcoming event

    I like that idea...
  10. hi again and sorry

    done. good luck.
  11. hi again and sorry

  12. hi again and sorry

    make a petition with you new char.
  13. hi again and sorry

    go and make a new account and make a petition sir, for we can help u with u account. that's all.
  14. hi again and sorry

    make alt char and make petition ingame, you have to proof that you are owner account.
  15. server is off?