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  1. Olympiads

    TIME ZONE REQUERIMENTS/RULES * For can participate in olympiad games you must have: Nobless Level 90 Fame 1.500 Pvp 500 * Items Allowed: S grade and Below: Weapons, Armors, Raid Boss Jewel (No Relic) and Tattoos. * Does not affect: The arguments in the items Attribute Value Items Enchants (It's automatic) The Heroes are choiced every two weeks.
  2. Gm are you sleeping ?

    Yes, we have to sleep sometimes...
  3. Check Problem For Login.

    You have to wait, almost 5min until the update finish.
  4. Can't pass the loading screen

    disable u antivirus, firewall... and try...


    Hi, Wellcome... You will experience with the best custom and community.
  7. Ηεy all

  8. Raid Boss

    RAID BOSS SYSTEM REWORKED CATEGORY Level 85 Level 91 Level 93 Epic as Level 95 More Accesibility to Find each Raid Boss, time will not a trouble now. Differents skill and ability has been added and removed Level 88 and below, Cancel has been removed. Level 90 and Above, can Cancel. Level 93 and above, Can Cancel and use Legacy Skills like Madness/stun/sleep/root and others Epic Bosses Level 95, no have cancel because difficulty. Most of the missing raids have now been added in the server - The main idea behind these changes was aiming towards rewarding players/clans that hunt raids and spend time and effort tracking them down. - We also want to make every raid worthy of being killed for its level.This way,raids such as pagan watcher cerberon which were neglected due to the distance and complex pathing will now be worth the time and effort to hunt it.

    REBIRTH SYSTEM REWORKED Requeriments: Level 92 Rebirth item 03 Rebirth Max. +1 random stat: Figther (Str,Dex,Con) Mage (Int,Wit,Con) Stat +1 MEN has been deleted from rebirth.
  10. Changes

    ITEMS BALANCED between Tiers items: Vesper - Titanium - Uniques - Dread. Fixed some uniques Weapon: STAFF two hands between sigil + weapon 1 hand for mage. Rapiers Crossbow ITEMS AND BUFFS DESCRIPTION HAS BEEN FIXED (Bonus stat on display description) REWORKED MAIN BUFFS Prophecy of Wind between Fire/Chant of Victory (All working propertly depending u setup) Prophecy of Water between Chant of Magnus (All working propertly depending u setup) ADDED ANTI MOB TRAIN SYSTEM (Mob move back automatically to own respawn if no one hits it) SERVER INGAME ECONOMY Few materials to hunting: Blue eva, Silvers, Festinal Adena, Gold, Glits and Coin of Luck.
  11. ZONES

    ZONES Main Town Talking Island Farm Ruins Of Despair (Solo/Duo) - Begginner Area Executions Ground (Solo/Duo/Party) - Veteran Area PVP Gludin Hunter Village
  12. Ηεy all

    There will be a post with server features...