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Fishing System

Added Fishing System, buy Items on Merchant NPC miscellaneous and gain EXP by fishing. ENJOY!

L2Epic System V6

"Remember to delete your old system and then paste the new one, do not replace it"
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  • Aden siege is no longer an S grade require siege.
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    We are currently working on some changes and improvements to give our players a better environment and quality of game, we are forced to start the server a cleaner time (Wipe), since currently the difference of gear and levels between players does not allow new ones to enter, I assure you that the work we are doing will be to your liking and we will provide a pleasant and not very difficult server for this summer season! Thanks to all our community for understanding us and always giving us unconditional support.
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    Ascadancy said it all you need to read. The other thunder guy act like he is mighty and all, speaking about the way he kill archers (the worst class in the game for 1v1), and boy you never 2 shot me so don't try to make it look bigger you know what i'm saying? Now enough of you, because you make no sense even when you waste so much time for a big mess of writing. I've seen a player who bought nothing at all, he struggled just to get his dread weapon at the end of the server. Not even +8 nor lvl 7, the guy is furious because he spent all his free time to get this and when he did, the server is wiped. You can't just close a server after that short amount of time. I can only feel pity for those who will invest money in the next version of this server.
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    The current server lasted 4 months I won't count the last months that had no activity at all. That's the problem. There were no effort whatsoever to make it survive, they let it die by purpose to make people donate again faster in the next version.
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    To be honest he got a big point there . Ppl spend about a grand or plus dude , 30% back ? what a joke.
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    I'm just stating the truth i'm not even saying something self-related, I mean when you got a server that has donations items at 150 euros for only the top weapon and 180 for the set, players expect it to last longer not just 3-4 months, let's say it is a total donation of 600-700 euros per player if you want almost everything. In the end, that's the duration you play because GMs totally left the server without any activity except for Kael who did his best and there were no activity at all. You got top items to fight nobody. That's facts i'm not making a bullshit statement like you are. Btw you say that I wasnt relevant but still was able to kill 2 top archers in korean with full hp left so... Find another victim i'm none of that. Oh and don't act as if you knew and shared everyone's opinion on the server because at the end of the server, you were just someone who used to exist, barely.
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    It is not a fucking competition, you didn't spent months building your items, you can't just comment here about a wipe and shit. Stop thinking only about yourself. Like I said people are leaving because gms are inactive that's all the server was fine. That became complete bullshit with all the new players coming around and getting free items while the one who stayed and helped the server didn't get shit. People get bored easily when no gms are around. If only you played you would notice that the duo instance APC was disabled for more than a month. That is purely unacceptable for a player point of view.
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    So you gonna open it soon,and after wipe again?
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    English Dear Players, We are about to launch a fast progress PvP server for the rest of summer since we want to fullfill your wants. Meanwhile we are working on something much bigger, which is going to take place on winter (Yea, winter is coming :D). As L2Epic we would like to introduce to you our latest server named L2 Epic Timelapse which will be a much faster gear progress (Yes, noone wants to farm while getting sweat from heat on summer) than any other server you've played before. Equipment should be aqcuired 3 times easier than the ordinary versions of L2Epic which will have as result players having fun while still being competitive. The whole idea behind L2 Epic Timelapse is to satisfy players who are still hungry for games and love our game. Furthermore, after "L2 Epic Timelapse"'s launch, we would like to inform you that "L2 Epic" will be back around September but more information will be given on time and probably some new features will be tested on "Timelapse". Expect a high full potentional server on September. The idea is not to leave our players adrift for a long time, as we know it is annoying to always be looking for new servers and making changes, but we can not open a project of this magnitude in 1 or 2 weeks, so we made the decision to open a first version (easy) the rest of the summer and so we can continue working on the big project while you have fun in the easy version of it. 30% of the donations will also be returned, those players who present the necessary supports, which will be returned in Donation Tokens, and will only be used to purchase items from the Donation Merchant as a thanking action towards the players who kept L2Epic dream alive. I hope everyone understands our position and gives us their support to build a clean server with a great community which is what we all want. This week we will be full of news and change logs and will also include some cheerfull information as about the date for the opening of the first version [ Epic Timelapse ] of the server. Yours truly, The L2Epic team. Greek Αγαπητοί παικτες, Βρισκομαστε σε θεση να ανακοινωσουμε την εναρξη ενος προτζεκτ γρήγορης εξελιξης PvP server για το υπολοιπο του καλοκαιριου καθως θελουμε να εκπληρωσουμε τις επιθυμιες των παικτων μας. Την ιδια ακριβως στιγμη δουλευουμε και πανω σε κατι μεγαλυτερο, το οποιο θα λαβει χωρα τον χειμωνα. (Ναι, ο χειμωνας ερχεται) Ως L2Epic θα ήθελα να σας γνωρισω στον τελευταιο server με ονομα L2 Epic Timelapse ο οποιος προκειται για εναν σερβερ γρήγορης εξελιξης σε αντικειμενα (Ναι κανεις δεν θελει να farm καθως υδρωνει απο τη ζεστη). Ο εξοπλισμος θα αποκταται 3 φορες γρηγοροτερα αποκτίσημος σχετικα με τις συνιθησμενες εκδοσεις με αποτελεσμα οι παικτες να ειναι διασκεδασουν και να ειναι ανταγωνιστικοι. Η ολη ιδεα πισω απο τον L2Epic Timelapse ειναι να ικανοποιησουμε τους παικτες που ειναι πεινασμενοι για παιχνιδι και αγαπουν το παιχνιδι μας. Επιπλεον, μετα την εκκίνηση του L2 Epic Timelapse θα θελαμε να σας ενημερωσουμε οτι ο L2Epic θα επιστρεψει κοντα στον Σεπτεμβριο αλλα περισσοτερες πληροφοριες θα δωθουν με την παροδο του χρονου και ισως μερικα καινουργια χαρακτηριστηκα να δοκιμαστουν στον Timelapse. Επιπλεον, δεν θελουμε να αποκοπουμε με τους παικτες μας για μεγαλο χρονικο διαστημα καθως ειναι εκνευριστηκο να ψαχνεις παντα για εναν καινουργιο server, αλλα δεν μπορουμε να τρεξουμε ενα τετοιο προτζεκτ μεσα σε 1 ή 2 εβδομαδες. Ετσι, πηραμε την αποφαση να ανοιξουμε την πρωτη εκδοση (ευκολη) για το υπολοιπο του καλοκαιριου και μπορουμε να συνεχισουμε να δουλευουμε στο μεγαλύτερο προτζεκτ καθως εσεις παιζετε στον ευκολο server. 30% απο τις δωρεες θα δωθουνε πισω με τη μορφη Donation Token, σε αυτους που στηριξαν τη συντηρηση του server. Τα Tokens θα χρησιμοποιηθουν στο Donation Merchant ως πραξη ευγνωμοσυνης σε αυτους που βοηθησαν το ονειρο του L2Epic να μεινει ζωντανο. Ευχομαι ολοι να καταλαβαινετε και να μας δωσετε την βοηθεια σας να χτισουμε εναν καθαρο server με ομορφο κοινο κατι το οποιο θελουμε ολοι. Αυτη η εβδομαδα θα ειναι γεματη με νεα και change log και επισης θα περιλαμβανει πληροφοριες για την εκκινηση της πρωτης εκδοσης [ Epic Timelapse ]. Με εκτιμηση, Η ομαδα του L2Epic. Spanish Estamos apunto de aperturar un estilo de server para verano, mientras estamos trabajando en algo mucho mas grande, el cual esta estimado para ser aperturado en septiembre. Esta nueva version, sera muy facil, en cuanto a equipamento se refiere, ya que en estos momentos conocemos que muchos estan en vacaciones, o tienen muchas ocupaciones, y no es la idea aperturar un server duro que valla a resultar con muy poca actividad. La idea es no dejar a nuestros jugadores a la deriva por mucho tiempo, ya que sabemos que es molesto siempre estar buscando nuevos servidores y haciendo cambios, pero de igual manera tampoco podemos aperturar un proyecto de esta magnitud en 1 o 2 semanas, por ello tomamos la decision de abrir una primera version (facil) el resto del verano y asi podremos seguir trabajando en el proyecto grande mientras ustedes se divierten en la version facil del mismo. Tambien se regresara un 30% de las donaciones, aquellas jugadores que presenten los soportes necesarios, lo cual sera regresado en Donation Tokens, y serviran solamente para optener articulos del Donation Merchant, y esto no causara un gran impacto, ya que todo sera muy sencillo de obtener y buscaremos la forma de garantizar mas el PVP. Espero todos entiendan nuestra posicion y nos brinden su apoyo para construir un servidor limpio y con una gran comunidad lo cual es lo que todos anhelamos. Esta semana estaremos anunciando la fecha para la apertura de la primera version del servidor.