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  • LAUNCHED: OCTUBER 13, 2018


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    So there are some places at rune castle (where a lot of action and PvP happening)that you can't heal or hit other player cause of "cannot see target" when the player is front of you !! Fix that geodata problem because it ruins the PvP
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    a str8 fact too is that if i slap u with my dick u will fall into a coma till doom bringer get boost
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    Dude u have to realise that most of the ppl that ur server have , are greeks , but u always choose to make events in times that most of us are sleeping like 03:00 am , most of the time.. wtf with this? in epic v1 or epic v2 u was supporting and trying to help ur community .. but in the end in epic v3 u fucked up . 0 fuck given for all , exept ur friends i got many things to tell u about that , but this is another story . So what u gonna do? Find a gm that is not sleeping like the other garbeges u got there and make more events We had a good start but now as u see , ur community is started to abandon you , so gather ur shit up . and try to be usefull . do more events , open more peitions , solve more problems PS. Mate , the only reason that ppl are still playin here is cuz of the numbers of online , not for ur actions ... when this dream comes to end. u will have to make epic v4 . how many ppl u think gonna support ur 4th try ? Me personaly after all this shits and your ignorant attidude ? Not .. im telling u im staying and playing only to pvp a bit till u close it .. then bb . Change the way u are thinking bro .
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    WTB changelog WTB patch notes WTB updates