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  2. My experience as a mage

    Hello so i struggled as anyone to get the best possible items that exist on server including legacy armor enchanted weapons relics and everything just to play my sps class,when i start i thought that i could find a setup just to enjoy my experience as mage but i barely can catch the 2.8 k pdef with a 3.8 m def on emchanted relics i try all the accsesories that exist just to find the suitable one(btw still metal eye patch % magic crit rate dont work on me) and i can barely solo farm with my mage, so i made an alt char just to spent my time since i got nothing more to get. the conclusion is that a ghost sentinel with nothing just the starting items got 2.6 k pdef on dyn armor with a bow +20 and hits sleletons for example for 2.600 crit with a high crit rate when my sps struggles to get a crit and thats arround 3 k on skeletons(i mention only skeletons u can just check it on another mobs) so i dont know if u guys think thats fair for a full geared mage with a legacy +11 got 200 p def more than a gs with dynasty without belts bracelets talismans etc.I forget to mention that ga and all the archers is way better for a f1 farm because u just press attack macro and run,way different from the mage playstyle so u must check some things about light classes at all i dont care for nerfs boost but on a glady friend as mage i do less dmg than a guy with +14 15 halisha who just stay in one sode let the char do the f1 things and go to make a coffe when i struggle to pianmo my keys nvm that was my opinnion only amd thanks for ur time,but mages even on high tier builds still cant do the expecting dmg.
  3. Healer class

    You change/rework every class but healer remains the same.what about change it a bit(boost him some way ) cause players who play healer barely can have a good game experience ,most of my complain is abount the interrupt on cast skills by archers ,it's retarded how they can even interrupt the battle heal skill that have no cast delay !! So with 2-3 archers hitting you you just can't cast any spell and this is unplayable
  4. Yesterday
  5. Newbie-friendly

    Nice explain sir, what's your charname ingame?
  6. Newbie-friendly

    Hello to everyone. I'm writing this topic in order to inform you about my own experience as a newcomer in this server and what my opinion is about the server stance against newbies. 1. Items The start for everyone is pretty standard and straight-forward. Buy starter items, farm skeletons non-stop for 3-4 hours, improve your dynasty items and so forth. The inclusion of Raid Master's Circlet is a very good idea to further assist newcomers to make for a better transition into the server. The only suggestion here would be to make the jewel enchantment +17, so they would get the set bonus. You could argue that this could be exploited by saving all coins just for jewels. You could balance this by making jewels non-augmentable. 2. Farm When farming for dynasty gear, the newcomer has few but very good options: Skeleton Warriors & Archers of Despair. Those 2 mobs are very efficient for farming materials for dynasty gear. However, the problem starts when they want to farm for better gear, like accessories, titanium armor etc. The materials required for these type of advanced items are obtained mainly by party-farming. However, party-farming is mainly pursued by geared players who generally reject low-geared players, and so a gap is created. One possible solution to this problem would be to make farming +25 dynasty weapons more accessible. Dynasty weapons are the most efficient weapons for farming and making them more accessible to the players, and more specifically the newcomers, would make geared players a little bit more willing to accept them if they at least have decent weapons for farming. 3. PvP Unacceptable. PvP for newbies is basically a distant dream, and that is not very positive when considering that these type of servers are branded as 'PvP servers'. The exclusion of a gear-restricting PvP zone makes it impossible for newbies to engage in any form of PvP. The gear-gap is simply too great for them to even make an attempt. The lack of means to gain PvP points is further harming newcomers, when considering that they need them to enter instances. Of course, one could argue that they could get those PvP points in Events, but as aforementioned, the gear-gap is simply too large. The services that a newbie-friendly, gear-restricting PvP zone would provide are simply too valuable for one not to exist. 4. Guidance When playing a new game, or simply a new server, there should be some basic instructions explaining the simple rules of the game and giving starting tips for a smooth insertion into the game. However, the only 'help' that is currently provided to newcomers comes in the form of starter items. I've witnessed first-hand the confusion that friends of mine had when they started the server. They used to be old lineage players, but they were accustomed to low-rate servers, so everything provided in this server was unknown, unfamiliar and confusing. Starting, in-game announcements are not very effective, since they are generally ignored. A solution would be to make a detailed guide book, a form of tutorial you could say, that would explain the basics of the game while mentioning the differences that one would encounter if he previously played a low-rate server, like the permanent buffs, constantly active skills, jewel/relic differences, useful accessories, noblesse process, leveling system and the list goes on. An informed player is a dedicated player.
  7. i cant log in

    No necesitas registrarte, son auto registro, logueas la primeras vez con el nick y password que decidas y ya que registrada.
  8. What are we working on?

    Hello guys, Im glad to announce that drastically changes are already planned and set to happen in near future. I'd like to apologize for the huge delay and possibly bad choices to cover unbalance etc, but my available time for PC activities had been quite limited because i've been in a surgery for a crucial desease on my eyes. Thanks to doctors, my eyes are being cured very fast and im already spending much time trying to recover and add new things for the server to make it more entertaining. Thanks for being patient. In the upcoming week, we will start checking the current gear's and Buffs balance (Not class) so expect to see changes everyday. If your stats vary from day to day, its not your class being nerfed/boosted but items or buffs yes. Our goal is to reach a very nice balance with the current items and unlock most possible choices for all classes. (Some items at the moment have been locked just for specific classes eg. Cruel Muzzle). Expect all the current additions/removals of PvP Damage to be removed and real stats to be nerfed/boosted. Expected Changes - Rework items' stats and adjust so Dread Gear will be added. - Accessories stats rework making them more flexible for classes. - Adding new features in Castle Sieges. - Olympiad changes - Class balance changes. Also expect change logs more often since im back working on server. Thanks for your patience.
  9. Heavy class

    Your opinion is way more constructive than the original post, taking into consideration the perspective of all classes, and not just the one you care about.
  10. Heavy class

    Tanks are more than fine, except for Phoenix Knight that is way too good. It's the one tank u SHOULD have on PVP considering it has a one minute party UD (Sanctuary) with a really low reuse. Evas Templar is way too shit compared to the other 3, there is nothing that makes Evas Templar useful or unique it's just meh. About the synergy, events are the only chance they get to farm pvp knowing that they don't have much damage and can't farm pvp as the other classes @ Hunter, same goes for Doomcryer (mage style). Daggers are indeed ridiculous because even though they can't farm a lot of pvps on events because they lack of AOE skills and most maps are for ranged classes, the top pvp list is full of daggers when it should be pretty much just ranged classes/gladi (considering most of pvps come from Hunter + Events, especially events). Daggers are easily dealing over 7k damage to any light/robe class and yea they're assassin but with titanium gear as dagger u can easily reach 3500 pdef (which is way too much) so basically Daggers can outrank mages, gladi and archers on pvp just by pvping hunter bursting people with their insane damage and pdef+dodge+speed. Mages on Titanium gear are not the best once relics are the best source of mdef and it's part of our gear already but still they're able to farm a lot of pvps on events because as I said maps are mostly for ranged classes especially Domination. As a healer I must say Archers damage is just fine the only thing that bothers me is how they simply interrupt everything even Greater Battle Heal (all of them and not just Ghost Sentinel) and I can't do anything about it. As for Dwarves, the double root is just pathetic, their speed is legit since they must have something to close the gap but the 6 seconds double root is just the dumbest thing ever created in this pack it really doesn't make any sense, their damage is really fine with both Flesh Ripper (a support item that is based on removing parts) or Titanium weapons that give them insane damage. My opinion btw.
  11. Hyper fangs accuracy

    how strange a person makes a claim when the server is not interested, only use it to do business and sell accounts or item that is forbidden, and I have proof, the hyper are well maybe the one that should be reviewed would be dagerfall
  12. i cant log in

    amigo, me explicas como crear una cuenta? soy nuevo
  13. i cant log in

    porque no puedo crear una cuenta!!?
  14. Last week
  15. Heavy class

    One what trash server did u saw heavy players hitting that much dmg? 2/3k dmg from a tank its normal ? making 50 kills at event from synergy more then a healer? and u hit them 500 dmg. dorfs running faster then a archer ? already pass more then 2 months and still seeing same shiets, daggers hit 8k dmg with that retard s grade dagger and heavy class hit more dmg then a mage. do smth i dont think its that hard if u care about.
  16. i cant log in

    try again, i think taht it's fixed.
  17. i cant log in

    :))))) for real now ...any admin can explain this ??thx
  18. i cant log in

    it's off becaus it isn't on
  19. i cant log in

    anyone knows why ???
  20. i cant log in

    login is off we are 3 and is the same
  21. i cant log in

    Does anyone know why i cant log in and server is Online ??
  22. Changelog

    Clan War By Killing a War: 50% chance to get x2 PVP. 100% get 2 fame points. 50% chance to win any PVP token. 100% chance to win 1-2 clan reputation. Raid Boss Lvl 91 Auto flag the área in a radius of 2000 80% HP 50% HP 20% HP
  23. SweetyAgency.

    Banning for nothing ain't the solution
  24. Farm suggestions

    Nice one sir, Jhon will take a look about it. Thanks.
  25. Farm suggestions

    Hello to everyone The following post contains suggestions and ideas based on my personal opinion and own experience so far playing the game. You are free to agree, disagree or simply ignore, with anything (or everything) that follows. To keep things simple to follow, I will comment on each farm zone, one at a time, as follows: 1. Cave of Trials (CoT) 2. Ruins of Despair (RoD) 3. Execution Grounds (EG) 4. Elven Ruins (ER) For complicating reasons, I will not be making any suggestions for Elven Ruins' monsters at the start of this post. The suggestions that will be made in this post aim to make each mob more desirable to farm, while trying not to disrupt the balance in a negative way. One last thing before we start. Suggestions will be made for all monster drops. However, this does not mean that I want to see all the changes transferred into the game. I just want to share my ideas. The administrative team behind the game, with help from the rest of the community, can decide if and which changes should be enforced. Without further ado, let's begin with: 1. Cave of Trials (CoT) a. Carbuncle This monster does not need any modifications. Although it's mostly ignored cause of the better option of Skeleton Warrior, any changes could do more harm than good. b. Gloom Wraith Same as Carbuncle, this monster provides a steady income of crystal scrolls (mostly for armor enchanting) with some additional drops as a bonus. A possible change could be made to its 1%- drop. A +15 Vesper armor will be largery useless in the rare occasion that you happen to drop it. Potential alternatives could be: +16 Vesper Weapon, Elemental Crystal Pack, 1st book (1 additional buff slot). c. Skeleton Warrior This mob is ideal for farming, when your desired goal is to obtain or improve Dynasty items. No changes needed. d. Slither Modifying the slither mob, so as to make it the primary farm for Nucleus was a great idea, but the difficulty with which you kill the mob is a bit high for a single Nucleus. A potentially positive change to this type of farm would be to make the Nucleus drop 2 x 1. Rewarding 2x party farm while keeping the solo farm unchanged could make it more efficient. e. Vile Alligator As with Carbuncle, this monster is also overshadowed when compared to Skeleton Warrior. A possible improvement could be to make this monster's have a different focus. Changing the drops so that it drops 1x Gold and 1x Festival Adena, both sharing the same drop spot at 50% drop chance, while also adding a 8-10 Silver drop could make this monster a good alternative to Skeleton Warrior. f. Glabrezu Grabrezu, along with Horror and Oblivion Knights, are the definition of large party farm. However, the desire to farm them has been significantly crippled since the Gold nerf some time ago. As it has been suggested in other posts, reversing that change is better for everyone involved, since that change changed the farming balance to the worse. in addition, considering Glabrezu has slightly higher defensive stats when compared to its counterparts at the EG zone, it could be a great opportunity to add a unique drop to this monster that would uniquely differentiate it from the alternative choices. A list of item suggestions, 1 of which could be added as a low rate drop , is: Vesper Weapon Exchanger, Mithril Bracelet, Tier 2 Tattoos, Tier 2 Talismans etc. 2. Ruins of Despair a. Archer of Despair Accompanying the Skeleton Warrior as a primary choice when farming for Dynasty gear, Archer of Despair differentiates itself from the Skeleton Warrior, replacing Festival Adena and Dynasty drops with Lifestones and Medals. No changes required. b. Demon Knight Demon Knights leaves its unique mark when considering farming options, due to its unique jewel drops. However, since the difficulty level is almost the same, if not higher, with that of the Terminator, it could be reasonable to improve its Medal drops to 15%. c. Dread Knight / Grave Keeper Ideal monster to change for 2x farming. All drops could be made 2x: 2x 75 Silver, change CEAS drop to 2x 35 Blue Eva, 2x 2 Gold, 2x 1 Medal at 15%, 2x Giant's Codex at 15%, 2x 1 Festival Adena at 15%, 2x 1 Vesper Essence at 3%, 2x 5 Dread Shard at 3% and the rest of the drops as they currently are. Similar for Grave Keeper. d. Judgement Hound Good farming option, better improved by adding 200 Silver as standard drop and making Protection Books drop at a 1%+ rate. e. Magmacoil Great farming option, improvement options include: increasing encounter rate, replacing Lifestone drop with Medal at 3%+. f. Marilith Marilith has long been the solo farm option when chasing a unique weapon drop, but the limited number of mobs currently present in RoD (and generally in the game) leaves much to be desired. Potential improvements to this type of farm would be: improving Medal drop chance, increasing standard drops or increasing monster encounter rate. g. Pus Boomer Served its purpose, possible improvements: changing Festcal Adena to 4x 2 drop at 50 %, removing Steel Bracelet from linked drop and placing it at either 3% or 15% drop, adding Mithril Bracelet at 1%-. h. Terminator Terminator accomplishes its purpose with its current drops and needs no further change. i. Unpleasant Humming This monster was a great way for new players to acquire standard accessories via farming. Therefore, modifying its drops to accomplish that goal would help restore its reputation as the standard-accessory best-farm option. Possible change: remove gold drop, drop 1x Festival Adena at 50%, drop Standard Accessory at 25-35%, drop 3-3 Gold at 10%. j. Zerg Infester De facto farm for Blessed Armor scrolls. Possible modifications to its drops: remove current standard drops, add CEAS/CEWS at 100% drop, add BEWS at 1%+. 3. Execution Grounds (EG) a. Archer of Death The improved difficulty from its cousin at RoD, the limited number of monsters currently present at EG and the lack of drop improvements make this monster nothing more than a decor in the EG area. I won't make any suggestions regarding its drops. I'll only state the need for change if we want to see as more than just a statue. b. Celtus Not very good option, considering the alternatives. Possible improvements: adding 3x 200 silver at 100%, changing Festival Adena to 3x 1 at 100%, adding 1x 1 Blessed armor at 15%. c. Doom of Evil Doesn't bring anything new to the table. Suggestions: complete drop rework, modify drop for 2x or 3x party farm or remove from game. d. Hidra Completely ignored. Great opportunity for miscellaneous drops. Change drop list to include: Disguise scrolls, Agathion Bracelet(s), Stryders & Fenrir (latter already included), PvP points, Fun gear (like baguette weapon) etc. e. Mantalisk (EG edition) Same as Archer of Death. f. Oberon Same as Pus Boomer. g. Oblivion Knight / Horror Knight As mentioned in the Glabrezu case, the efficiency of this type of farm has dropped since the Gold nerf. Reversing that change is the onlyosuggestion suggestion I'll make for these 2 monsters. h. Queen's Bee Replaces old Slither. Either remove from game or increase encounter. i. Roaming Guardian To better represent the purpose of this monster, the drops could be changed to the following list: 100x Silver, 75x Blue Eva, 1x Ceas, Blessed Armor Scroll at 15% chance, legacy titanium & relic jewel unchanged. Also remove melee reflect damage to allow all classes to farm this monster. j. Shade of Rider Shade of Rider is overshadowed by all other alternatives, mainly because it lacks a unique identity. Some might say that the added Vesper Exchanger is enough to make it worth the while, which would be true if the mob was for solo farming. Unfortunately that is not the case. Possible improvements to make this monster more desirable include: improve encounter frequency (make groups of 3 or 4 near each other), add 3x 2 Medal at 3% chance, move Coin of Luck at 1%+ drop rate. k. Warlord Same as Dread Knight. 4. Elven Ruins No information yet As mentioned at the start, you are free to agree or disagree with any of the suggestions made in this post. You can also make suggestions of your own or state your own opinion.
  26. Clandestine: Item Description

    yea tell jhon like trickster aint op already. Cant tell why you add dmg on a class with so many escape mechanics and utility. That's the class point to start with. less dmg than an archer and way more escape mechanics+traps.
  27. Clandestine: Item Description

    i have already told you in game like weeks ago..
  28. Clandestine: Item Description

    Jhon will take a look, and modify description or rework weapon. Thanks for you time to report it,
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