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  • Aden siege is no longer an S grade require siege.
  • You can now use any gear you like.
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      There a new system patch that include: Win10 fixed (if you still having issue with it, you have to download a Fresh L2 Client from here: https://mega.nz/#!j3wF2RjS!lRb4BFs6tgibYE-g0NlCYr3EnRFhkATdVgbc-QmnTBg) Rework antibot protection Fixed cloaks and other items displaying wrong description ingame on System V4. Remember deleted old system before you paste the new or it wont work. Download last system from here: SYSTEM V5  

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  1. Today
  2. sws nerf

    bye bye...
  3. sws nerf

    thanks for the -4000 hp(i am with 4500hp now haha funny vzlas) and m def (a lot too, i dont remember the number, just was getting 1.100 mc from random mage), nvm i wasnt playing in the server anymore, because people who got no clue about oly cried u destroyed my class, bb for ever this time !!! I can fuck the whole oly with real OP class , i am just mad because cocksucker blowed you and you fucked the class, there are classes that have PASSIVE SKILLS which give 1000 p attack and p def and you cried for sws cunts, cya on the next server , i will be ur father again, chao bella
  4. Yesterday
  5. About the new NPC

    Yeah, Thanks a Liam
  6. Annoying thing

    Perfect thanks
  7. About the new NPC

    exchange a +12 tit for a +10 legacy? come on... nice forum tho great progress
  8. WTS Forum Sig

    I do signature too below is some of my work.
  9. Changelog

    - Added some items buyable with Olympiad Tokens to NPC Grand Olympiad Manager
  10. Annoying thing

    that's sexy why?... relax we will rework forum as soon as possible.
  11. About the new NPC

    i mean that's automatic, if you have set+12 you can exchanger it.
  12. Music Room

    Cool topic 😎
  13. About the new NPC

    Yeap, make it +11 or make it to keep its enchant automatically after the upgrade from normal to legacy.
  14. Passive augment

    that doesnt refute the fact that it's a false name :P, PvP accuracy... come on guys, wtf is this xDDDD
  15. Annoying thing

    Remove this Aden annoying image mate, it's been a long time there nonsense ask for @Ascadancy to help you out create a logo or a banner and replace this ugly Aden thing
  16. Offline Market Merchant.

    Great idea indeed! But i don't think is easy to make it happen, lets hope they are gonna at least try!
  17. Last week
  18. WTS Forum Sig

    Hello, You can now send me a PM with your screenshot Thank you
  19. WTS Forum Sig

    Ok about the information it will be My Character Picture and for the name will be Jericos ill send you a photo when its possible
  20. vote reward not working

    ok, do it if possible
  21. vote reward not working

    Yes, server need a fast restart...
  22. vote reward not working

    .getreward isn't working as a command, fix it please..
  23. Red/Blue/Green amulets

  24. Passive augment

    Troll hahahaha
  25. Red/Blue/Green amulets

    Hey just a thing, 250 amulets of each are needed to get a legacy dread + mats but there's almost no way to get enough pvps to reach those without getting tokens in events. I would suggest to get tokens also in events when you get a pvp there's a chance to get amulets. Just counting the rare tokens and platinum amulet the cost is already quite high, + you spend 5k fame.
  26. About the new NPC

    Will you implement a +12 tit armor exchanger too? Because most likely people will already have a +12 armor, not a +10 /discuss
  27. Offline Market Merchant.

    Hi again, i want to suggest you to put an offline market merchant. There, you'll be able to sell your items for glittering medals or any other farm currency (it's up to you). - You can add categories about currencies, Glittering Medals / Blue Eva / Silver / Green Crystal / Dragon Gold / Dragon Coin / Rare Event Token etc.. - I know, there are already some offline shops but my suggestion will prevent you from spammers on trade chats, bots offline forever in towns and newbies will find easier items (also this is going to help them improve their characters in game faster). You can make it as an auction too but it's kinda trippy and i don't know if you will be able to create this. For example i'm selling my halisha +15 with starter price on 25g for 5 hours. Ppl who will see it and they'll want it, they will have to suggest a price same or higher than my starter price (they must have the glits in order to suggest a price to prevent fail auctions). The higher suggested price will get the item when the time will end. That's all keep up the good work.
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