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Fishing System

Added Fishing System, buy Items on Merchant NPC miscellaneous and gain EXP by fishing. ENJOY!

L2Epic System V6

"Remember to delete your old system and then paste the new one, do not replace it"
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  3. Admins communication

    That's where it is becoming ridiculous. I knew some players got some titanium legacy set +12 when I actually paid 80 euros for a normal titanium set when I started on Epic. Then I had to pay more euros a week later for a dread set. And now what I can see is that some players can just ask for items and get it for FREE! That is quite unacceptable to see those kind of things happen, when you know we used real money to actually HELP the server, and some people are getting rewards for the only reason that they joined L2 Epic. I liked how the server was, that's why I kept suggesting ideas and new things with nym or ascadancy. I liked it so much that I brought some new people who also spent a lot of euros to help the server so it goes on and continue to make a great job. Voting is not even a real thing, you just have to spend what? 30 seconds of your gaming time, then people thinks the server owe them things. BUT THE WORST THING! Is that Gms actually give them what they want, and now you can see them spamming in trade chats "Lf gm fuck i ask everyday and vote and no help" when those people already had things that we had to pay to get them. I know John has some trouble to run the server, I'm not blaming him but come on!
  4. Admins communication

    for real now i play 3 days on the server and i invited 3 friends that they are active i made a petition to get some free items that others got as well and i only got lvl up and 300 pvp???? i vote for the server every day and others got full tit legacy set weapon relic and cloak for free and me that i invited 3 active guys i got only lvl ? shame i like the server but communication with admins is lost. My in game name is GrandKhavlaki thanks and take care keep up the good work and fix up communication with your players! cheers
  5. Whats going on here?

    I've just saw Apollo is now only a guest on the forum, and I didnt see much activity except for Kael with daily events. But there's a lack of communication of what's going on.
  6. Untradeable items

    Why is that every items here are untradeable? GMs can't even make these tradeable lol I mean what if we want to sell/trade our items. I don't get it, what if a friend want to give their items they don't use anymore? Cloaks = untradeable Lvl 7 = untradeable Dread+8 and more = untradeable Uniques +14 and more = untradeable I know there is still marriage trade but wait 90 days for a trade is insane. You made elemental stones tradeable, make every items tradeable lol that sucks seriously I see many people trying to sell their untradeable items but they just can't, they believe GMs will help them trade but one clearly told me they can't.
  7. My suggestion for the server

    Oh my bad I said 4 months and not 4.6 months!!! About telling me that I care only for my personal interest, dude just tell me this: What have you done for this server so far? Every donator contribute highly for the server's maintenance which cost real money.
  8. My suggestion for the server

    IMO only 10% or less people from the server want to do a wipe Seriously most of us farmed for months and you think we want to farm again? This is a PvP server no? Wipe = Farm not PvP I don't think it will bring more people because the problem is: there is 0 communication about the server It is normal to start noob, we all started there but what just because 10% or less people want a wipe you want to penalize hundreds of people who climbed their way to the top? So wipe = No ty! People are leaving because GMs are inactives that's all period.
  9. My suggestion for the server

    You care for your personal interest more than the common good of the server i got that ok..also server is up from 23/02/2018 to 10/7/2018 which is 138 days or 4.6 months.. and last, server could do vote in fb page or site if people want wipe or continue like this and we see who is right me or you Masquerade
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  11. My suggestion for the server

    You tell me I am wrong, but do you imagine those who spent more than one thousand euros on virtual items that will only last for 3 months? You think if there's a wipe and no compensation to donators, people who already gave their money will repeat? I think not, and people who didnt spend anything for the game won't spend a single euro on it after the wipe or they will pay max. 30 euros. I am playing lineage 2 for more than 13 years now, so yeah i think i'm quite experienced i've played like more than 15 servers and you never see a wipe after 4 months of gaming. Especially with high amounts per person (can reach more than 1k euros/person). Of course there's a problem here, but trust me if the server wipe, most of donators will be gone.
  12. My suggestion for the server

    You are wrong,with your logic all serious lineage servers that have donators or full time players should never close or wipe.. If you are experienced l2 player like me you should know that all servers should complete their cycles despite few people that will be sad its just how its supposed to happen.. and dont list me 2-3 servers that havent wiped for years because they are very few and rare.
  13. Down

    Server is online now, it was down to fixed bug char with login issues.
  14. Down

  15. Down

    Why is the server's down?
  16. My suggestion for the server

    What you are asking is not wrong, but on the other hand it is not right. Wiping the server mean that people who farmed their asses off or donated a good amount to the server will be totally fucked because they wasted time farming or paid a lot of real money to get where they are at.
  17. Hello its 2k18 and still people play lineage 2 and pride packs!, thats good but most pride packs die in less than 1 month like vehiron and tons of others!. L2 Epic on the other hand has survived almost 4-5 months and keeps on going!.The problem for me is that from all this months 95% of the server now has black sets/wep and yellow blue purple names... thats bad for newcomers and basicly everything has been achieved.. armors sets augs so its very hard to pvp if you dont have some time in the server..My suggestion is to wipe the server and open it again!.There is no other server that can go against l2 Epic now so its a good chance for a brand new start..most people that are active in pride pack will follow because l2 Epic has shown stability.Ok 10-20 people like ganryokou and dontthitmeagain that play this server for months probably wont follow but the base of pride packs is like 1000 people i dont think you will have problems..
  18. Make the server more attractive

    Some suggestions to make the server more attractive. Make more updates on server with new farm areas or new instances. For example make an instance that requires a full pt to go kill one randomly spawn epic rb inside . The random spawn rbs should be for example antharas, valakas , baium, beleth, baylor or frintezza . Also make some unique custome events except korean and team vs team. Kill rb event with some decent time to kill a big rb or we failed. Maybe a siege that we must capture the castle agains mobs or npcs. Or defend against mobs a castle or o flag. Saturday and sunday siege are inactive at the moment. Add rewards to the clan that succed a siege , the more succesful times a clan defence a siege in a row the more higher the rewards. And more funny and creative things that would atrract ppl. Also add tier 3 tattoo, belt, bracelet or cloak.
  19. Pvp token/amulets

    Many ppl complaining about the dread legacy and legendary accs requirements like pvp token and pvp amulets. First of all we must do something to be more active pvp on the server. Since there is not that much pvp it's hard for most ppl to farm the pvp tokens and the pvp amulets at the moment . I would like to suggest to have an npc that we can trade pvp amulet( red amulet to green amulet and reverse etc.) So if we have more blue for example we can trade them to the one we have less. You know like the npc with pvp tokens. Also good a good way for more pvp is to make kill gm event with or without healing. Add on events the ability to get a pvp token or amulet while someone get a kill .
  20. Fix duo instance

    Also you have a Facebook page with nearly 5 000 fans, you prolly want to do something here too
  21. Please read this.

    try again...
  22. Fix duo instance

    Hello everyone, As far as I am concerned, there is less and less GM activity on the server (except GM Kael who's making his best to make custom events everyday) Note I am not blaming anyone from the Staff member, I am just pointing facts. Excuse me if I am wrong, this is my point of view only. Also can anyone tell me if all the GMs are coming from the same timezone? I mean they are all off when I am on, this is very difficult to get them from my timezone. I think that now that L2Vehiron is closing this is the moment to wake up and take actions to gain these people back. What I mean by that is of course on the first hand, fixing the instance (duo, kamaloka, dvc) Boost duo instance drop, Boost Kamaloka EXP (it is completely useless right now), Shorten the time for DVC (no one wants to be stuck here for 3h) On the second hand, you might want more people to vote for the server, add vote reward to some items, maybe open tier 3 tattoo/cloak/bracelet(don't make these available by any other way than by farming) Finally make custom events other than Russian/Korean, I mean come on it not that hard, make a race event, quizz event idk lol
  23. Please read this.

    GM, my in-game name was Zibbz (a GM teleported my, and changed it to HaXor (because it wouldn't let me make that name)) It all started because I couldn't see my char, then we got on the topic of my in-game name... Well, I told GM I was going to restart so I could see my char, I did, and when I got back in-game it showed "Admin is teleporting you". then I got a black screen "as if I were loading in", then, the whole game crashed, without a critical error, and now, it's saying my password is incorrect, when I try to log back in....
  24. Tier 1 Cloak

    They are completely useless ATM, and no one need them since you can get these with Vote Rewards. So either make them sellable using 963 or open cloak tier 3 with cloak tier 1 as crafting material.
  25. Server has 0 pvp

    Turn down 50% from tokens/amulets on every items' price 300 = 150 200 = 100 250 = 125. We can't farm up so many tokens atm while server have 10 ppl active pvping in hunters
  26. Server has 0 pvp

    More like bring down the prices from items that need pvp tokens and amulets
  27. Server has 0 pvp

    Masquerade idea is good . Also open duo instance again . We farm some pvp token from there too.
  28. Server has 0 pvp

    Hmmm wiping pvps won't be any solution, i think the pvp on the serverneed to get better rewards to people. Maybe increase the chance of enchanting stuff while pvp, % of drops on pvps and maybe 2-3 kill the gm per day with no healing on people but only resurect? You need to make people want pvps. Or create a new farming zone with interesting drops but auto flag on everyone.
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