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    • Hello so i struggled as anyone to get the best possible items that exist on server including legacy armor enchanted weapons relics and everything just to play my sps class,when i start i thought that i could find a setup just to enjoy my experience as mage but i barely can catch the 2.8 k pdef with a 3.8 m def on emchanted relics i try all the accsesories that exist just to find the suitable one(btw still metal eye patch % magic crit rate dont work on me) and i can barely solo farm with my mage, so i made an alt char just to spent my time since i got nothing more to get. the conclusion is that a ghost sentinel with nothing just the starting items got 2.6 k pdef on dyn armor with a bow +20 and hits sleletons for example for 2.600 crit with a high crit rate when my sps struggles to get a crit and thats arround 3 k on skeletons(i mention only skeletons u can just check it on another mobs) so i dont know if u guys think thats fair for a full geared mage with a legacy +11 got 200 p def more than a gs with dynasty without belts bracelets talismans etc.I forget to mention that ga and all the archers is way better for a f1 farm because u just press attack macro and run,way different from the mage playstyle so u must check some things about light classes at all i dont care for nerfs boost but on a glady friend as mage i do less dmg than a guy with +14 15 halisha who just stay in one sode let the char do the f1 things and go to make a coffe when i struggle to pianmo my keys nvm that was my opinnion only amd thanks for ur time,but mages even on high tier builds still cant do the expecting dmg.
    • You change/rework every class but healer remains the same.what about change it a bit(boost him some way ) cause players who play healer barely can have a good game experience ,most of my complain is abount the interrupt on cast skills by archers ,it's retarded how they can even  interrupt the battle heal skill that have no cast delay !! So with 2-3 archers hitting you you just can't cast any spell and this is unplayable 
    • Nice explain sir, what's your charname ingame?
    • Hello to everyone.   I'm writing this topic in order to inform you about my own experience as a newcomer in this server and what my opinion is about the server stance against newbies. 1. Items The start for everyone is pretty standard and straight-forward. Buy starter items, farm skeletons non-stop for 3-4 hours, improve your dynasty items and so forth. The inclusion of Raid Master's Circlet is a very good idea to further assist newcomers to make for a better transition into the server. The only suggestion here would be to make the jewel enchantment +17, so they would get the set bonus. You could argue that this could be exploited by saving all coins just for jewels. You could balance this by making jewels non-augmentable. 2. Farm When farming for dynasty gear, the newcomer has few but very good options: Skeleton Warriors & Archers of Despair. Those 2 mobs are very efficient for farming materials for dynasty gear. However, the problem starts when they want to farm for better gear, like accessories, titanium armor etc. The materials required for these type of advanced items are obtained mainly by party-farming. However, party-farming is mainly pursued by geared players who generally reject low-geared players, and so a gap is created. One possible solution to this problem would be to make farming +25 dynasty weapons more accessible. Dynasty weapons are the most efficient weapons for farming and making them more accessible to the players, and more specifically the newcomers, would make geared players a little bit more willing to accept them if they at least have decent weapons for farming. 3. PvP Unacceptable. PvP for newbies is basically a distant dream, and that is not very positive when considering that these type of servers are branded as 'PvP servers'. The exclusion of a gear-restricting PvP zone makes it impossible for newbies to engage in any form of PvP. The gear-gap is simply too great for them to even make an attempt. The lack of means to gain PvP points is further harming newcomers, when considering that they need them to enter instances. Of course, one could argue that they could get those PvP points in Events, but as aforementioned, the gear-gap is simply too large. The services that a newbie-friendly, gear-restricting PvP zone would provide are simply too valuable for one not to exist. 4. Guidance When playing a new game, or simply a new server, there should be some basic instructions explaining the simple rules of the game and giving starting tips for a smooth insertion into the game. However, the only 'help' that is currently provided to newcomers comes in the form of starter items. I've witnessed first-hand the confusion that friends of mine had when they started the server. They used to be old lineage players, but they were accustomed to low-rate servers, so everything provided in this server was unknown, unfamiliar and confusing. Starting, in-game announcements are not very effective, since they are generally ignored. A solution would be to make a detailed guide book, a form of tutorial you could say, that would explain the basics of the game while mentioning the differences that one would encounter if he previously played a low-rate server, like the permanent buffs, constantly active skills, jewel/relic differences, useful accessories, noblesse process, leveling system and the list goes on. An informed player is a dedicated player. 
    • No necesitas registrarte, son auto registro, logueas la primeras vez con el nick y password que decidas y ya que registrada.